This is Beth.

Some potential dos:

  • Shag
  • Headband/ponytail month
  • Shaved with tattoo
  • Scarf month might be combined with shaved/tattoo month
  • Natural no product air dry (with roots?) might be scarier than the mullet
  • Mullet
  • Mohawk
  • Pattern (color)
  • Bob
  • Afro

The first few visual reference pics I collected (besides the crew cut [more innocuously referred to as pixie by Monica] pics in the last post):


Some theories to explore (can’t measure, will gauge reactions and share anecdotes):

  • blonds have more fun
  • straight hair is more attractive than curly
  • long hair is sexier than short

And what about Samson? (I learned as much about Samson from this video as from Wikipedia by the way.) The first comment to this blog from Michelle – with super-cute, super-short hair – said maybe she’ll grow hers out. Maybe Brad will too.


What will their Ball pics look like next year?

Will we find strength or creativity in changing dos? Maybe not. I do hope for a laugh now and then.

Who else will play?

Will people – friends and strangers – react? How? For example, will the Doc who diagnosed the boy with strep yesterday be less likely to refer to my (nonexistent) husband when I have a less traditional do? Maybe not.

Oh, the places we’ll go. Possibly looking like a Dr. Seuss character (thanks for that one Jillyaunt!).