This is Beth. Arriving at work today I was met by disappointment. I have the same old hair. Boo. Boring. But we’ve only just embarked on the information-gathering, idea-getting, possibility-exploring part of the project. (Check out Liz’s More inspirations post!) We have much to consider. For example, until five minutes ago the vegetal/avian options hadn’t occurred to me.


What else will surface?

Plus the planning – we’ve got to carefully chart a course. Implementation Phase begins 2013 (exact date tbd).

Meanwhile, progress has been made – we accomplished the not-so-simple task of titling the blog. Rejects include:

  • Year of Hair
  • Hair: not a musical but accompanied by music
  • Hair TBD – you know if you were in that inspirational meeting
  • A year of doing dos
  • Hair Change by Month
  • Hair Time
  • On My Head
  • Top me off
  • Fringe
  • Hollywood Hair in Denver
  • Just (Hair)Do It
  • Anything But Gray