This is Beth. A friend and colleague commented on the blog, “I am intrigued (and slightly afraid).”

I, too, am afraid.

Do I have what it takes to do this? For a whole year? Will I really end up with a platinum crew-cut-I-mean-pixie? Will Liz really do the lizard? We’re lookin’ at lots of months of thinking and writing about hair. Will it stay interesting (to me and others)? What’s the point?

While learning about logic models this week I had the opportunity to think about outcomes for this little project. I hadn’t really articulated goals beyond having a few laughs, creating an amusing distraction from the seriousness and sadness in the world. Just making it through the year (“finishing is winning” or so they say [thank you Singers]). Is that enough?

From the metaphor exercise: It’s not how many times I post or how many people read my posts, it’s how many likes and comments and followers the blog gets. But really, it’s how many times people laugh and think while reading my posts (I can measure the first; don’t think I can measure the second).

And… Do I have longer-term goals? Am I willing to admit that selling rights to the screenplay has crossed my mind? That I want to meet Ellen DeGeneres?

Really, if I anticipate a finale of very short and blond, who better to emulate? Ellen DeGeneres Ep Main

Or, maybe I just want to keep it close to home. I might copy my other idol Michelle (seen here with artist husband Brad and his art):




P.S. I learned this on the Internet: Geena Davis said the famous line “Be afraid. Be very afraid” in the movie The Fly (1986).