This is Beth. When my boss shaved his head last year a coworker taped a picture of the guy from Breaking Bad on his door. I don’t watch the show but have heard that the character donned a similar look when he became a meth dealer. Doubt that’s what was going on with my boss. He did say that it helped him win at poker (“It intimidated the crap out of them”). His wife liked the do – or lack of do, his daughter not so much (“Every night before going to sleep she asked, ‘Daddy, why’d you shave your head?'”).

Bill no hair

Now he’s growing a beard in anticipation of exploring patterns in facial hair.

Bill beard

Look for guest posts all week!

P.S. Happy Birthday Bill. And congratulations on your honorable mention as a Denver Post Top Thinker of 2012 – Liz and I are honored to have your top-thinking-about-male-related-hair-topics here (definitely an “other” category).