This is Beth. Once upon a time we could drop our kids off at school without feeling so scared.

I started this hair/blog project as a frivolous distraction from seriousness and sadness in the world.

But some events demand attention. They deserve full focus.

We give them that, and simultaneously we keep living. We remember the good. We encourage our kids to embrace life and love and beauty and magic and laughter. We have a good cry and then we allow ourselves to have a good laugh too.

Maybe, when we’re ready, we could laugh at the hair of fictional characters. A dozen dos for you to peruse:

Olive-oyl-pictures-61 Princess-leiaCousin-Itt-addams-familyhunger-games-effiePipibernini_medusagirl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-06TANGLEDbride-of-frankensteinQueenamidala 220px-Marge_Simpson

Oops, that’s only eleven. Who would you add?


P.S. On Friday night I thought about gun control and mental illness. I wondered why people bring children into this world. And I thought about my own choice to do so without a partner in a way I never had before. I hugged the babes and I cried to Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam and I knew I could only begin to imagine what people more directly involved were going through.


P.P.S. Thanks Bill.