This is Beth. When I tell people about this little hair/blog project, they often have their own do-related tale to tell. It often has something to do with how their hair has something to do with their identity.

Liz and I both work at museums; we recently saw this in an exhibit in Minnesota:

MN Hist

The label: “To many American Indians like the Dakota, long hair is culturally significant. By forcing children to have their hair cut, boarding schools were destroying a piece of the student’s identity.”

The reference to an enormously tragic part of history brought a few things to mind:

  • We’re lucky to pretty much control our own hair.
  • We should have control over the rest of our bodies too (I’m a big fan of women’s reproductive rights and can’t help but think of recent political debate).
  • How much of our identity has to do with our hair?
  • Sign, sign, everywhere a sign