Liz here,

Even though I haven’t been blogging as much as Beth, and even though I am a bit (a lot?) behind on the practical side of planning for 2013 Hair-o-rama, my subconscious is hard at work thinking about the hair project.


Last Saturday, I dreamed that I was on a plane to somewhere in South America. When we arrived, I learned that I was part of a semester abroad program, and that I would be living/studying/researching somewhere in the mountains of Peru? Brazil? Chile? for 3 months. In the dream, I wasn’t too worried that I had left behind my actual job, family obligations, and new dog for 3 months, or that I was going to be living in a foreign country with apparently no preparation, or that I would be sharing a room with college students. BUT I did have a moment before I woke, when I clearly thought: “I’ll have to find someone here in S. America who can cut and style my hair each month, good thing there are hairdressers here…”

Then this Saturday, I dreamed that I had decided that my first hair style would be straightened, flat-ironed hair. So I needed to purchase a flat iron. I met some guy who would sell me one, and he convinced me to get a combination flat-iron/ cell phone. So I got it, but it was sort of an old school flip phone that had a very small flat iron attachment, and I immediately thought “wait, why did I just trade this guy my new-ish iphone for a phone that is also a hair styling tool? What the heck was I thinking.” (Much relief when I woke up from that dream to the sound of my iphone alarm.)

Analyzing these dreams, I think that they show that I’m definitely committed to the project (even if I end up in another continent) but that I’m a little concerned about what crazy things I might do in pursuit of the next hair style (hopefully not downgrade my phone, but who knows!)