This is Beth. This is my bathroom. And a close up of the supplies currently in my bathroom.

bathroom product

I might have to invest in monthly do-appropriate products. Also considering accessories: scarves, hats, barrettes, clips, beads, headbands, bandanas, wonder it they still make those pony-tail holders with two big plastic balls and elastic. And makeup. I’m pretty serious about a tattoo on a shaved section eventually. Will I need a piercing to go with a style at some point? Just thinking. Starts with the do, but might mean doing a whole look. Or experimenting for a month.

For example, Anne Hathaway on newsstands – same month, think it’s the same cut:

anne-hathaway-covers-vogue-december-2012[1] anne-hathaway-glamour-cover-january-2013[1]

Do done different. Helps to have a stylist and.., and…. I may get a new barrette, but not a stylist. Maybe it’s as inexpensive as rubbing a little sugar water in the hair like early Rod Stewart, that’d be nice.


P.S. Thank you to friends who thought of hair accessories as holiday gifts!