This is Beth. Looking back before moving forward.

In preparation for do-planning sessions, here’s the me me me post previously threatened. Some dos I’ve done:

1 2 4 5 6 7 DSC03027 DSC03298IMG_0495 IMG_0498IMG_1196 IMG_3743_2 IMG_4307IMG_4310_2recentIMG_4355 photo_2 photo-32hat3SONY DSChat2hat1hat4

In no particular order, the pics pretty much showcase dos from the last seven years, most were taken in the last couple years. Coming soon: a scary assortment of dos from the more distant past. Maybe.


P.S. Links to the song: David Bowie (great hair) Davis Bowie (also great hair)

& check out the Shrek 2 motion picture soundtrack for the version by Butterfly Boucher featuring David Bowie (it includes a couple other good dance-in-the-kitchen-with-babes tracks as well).