This is Beth. Today I went to see Monica the doer of dos. She’s also a planner. We made a plan.

A few weeks ago when I went for a regular maintenance cut and color I told Monica about the concept for this little hair/blog project. As suspected, she’s perfect for it – I could almost see ideas spinning in her head. She’s an artist. I think she appreciates a canvas.

I don’t know Monica well. I do know she likes music, knows music, sings along, frequents live shows even in other states. She has great tattoos and likes themed costume parties. Once she was excited about a trip to the container store and organizing her space at home. I trust her with my hair. I expect my relationship with her will last beyond this project. (Please Monica, tell me you’re in for the years of growing it out!)

Bang1 Bang2

Monica can be found at Bang Salon:


P.S. No, I’m not revealing the plan.