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This is Michelle.

Month 3: Not as bad.  Really.

I mean – there were some days like this.  It’s true. 

But there were some days like this, too.  That’s a style, right?


This pic was taken in Chicago.  Kind of a funny story – now.  I was there one week without hair product…while growing my hair out.  When I unpacked, I turned my suitcase upside down at least twice looking for it.  Yes, it’s humid in Chicago.  I live in Denver, very dry.  And, I have straight, fine hair.  I was participating in an intensive one-week workshop with no time for shopping.  Luckily, I was staying in a very interesting, old school kinda place.  The kind of place that has old school kinda hair product in the public women’s rooms (and cuticle sticks and mouthwash – I’m still pondering this combo).


Every time I was alone in the restroom near the meeting room, I’d shoot this stuff all over my head. Wow, that stuff seems toxic.  It was pretty awful but I was desperate to keep my hair off my face and out of my eyes.  And it worked!

So, what’s the plan?  This was the early – mid-term plan but I don’t think I can pull it off. More bounce than my hair has.


Here’s where it is today. Pretty long for me. My hairdresser who is essentially bald and appreciated my pixie very much thinks I’m doing great. She says I’m strong. I’ll carry on.


My man, on the other hand – we’ll see.  He got a haircut early in the month and took a bunch off and he’s been talking about going for another cut every week since…he’s pretty cute but I don’t think he’ll have long hair come December.


This is Beth. This is my bathroom. And a close up of the supplies currently in my bathroom.

bathroom product

I might have to invest in monthly do-appropriate products. Also considering accessories: scarves, hats, barrettes, clips, beads, headbands, bandanas, wonder it they still make those pony-tail holders with two big plastic balls and elastic. And makeup. I’m pretty serious about a tattoo on a shaved section eventually. Will I need a piercing to go with a style at some point? Just thinking. Starts with the do, but might mean doing a whole look. Or experimenting for a month.

For example, Anne Hathaway on newsstands – same month, think it’s the same cut:

anne-hathaway-covers-vogue-december-2012[1] anne-hathaway-glamour-cover-january-2013[1]

Do done different. Helps to have a stylist and.., and…. I may get a new barrette, but not a stylist. Maybe it’s as inexpensive as rubbing a little sugar water in the hair like early Rod Stewart, that’d be nice.


P.S. Thank you to friends who thought of hair accessories as holiday gifts!

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