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This is my friend, Sherry, on a frigid night in Denver after getting warmed up a little with a mojito. Her hair always looks great and she looks especially cute in that hat.  As my hair is getting nearly as long as hers, I quizzed her a bit on her styling methods.  Similar to me, she’s not much interested in spending lots of time on it.  Hopefully I’m not outing her too much – she often rides to work with rollers in her semi-damp hair and then yanks them out as she gets to work.  Tada! Hmmm…something to consider. Of course that’s about 2-3 more steps than I take.


I generally avoid hats to avoid major hathead to which my hair is particularly prone.  Husband got me this sweet upcycled sweater hat for my birthday and I wore it straight for about two days. If you don’t take the hat off…you don’t have hathead, right?

Birthday Hat

Meanwhile another birthday gift showed up, this one from Sherry!  Velcro rollers – did not even know those existed.  You just put them in and they stick.  Kind of.


Some time around then, I also got bangs.  I just couldn’t take it any more.

I’m no stranger to rollers or bangs:

Rollers and Bangs

Post-rollers, feeling a bit over-coiffed:

Soccer Mom

Understandably, after my twelve months of complaining about growing my hair out, the questions just keep coming: when are you cutting your hair? are you cutting your hair on the 1st? etc.

You know, I just don’t know.  Feels kind of dumb to just whack it off right away after all this trouble.  Let’s see what the new year brings.

You probably already know that the word of the year, according to Oxford Dictionaries, is selfie. It’s been all over the news.  In some related report, I heard about variations on the “word,” including helfie or hair selfie.

I guess that’s what we’ve been doing all year – helfies…

In honor, here’s my November helfie. Please note that hair is touching my coat.  And it’s wet. And I’m wearing a coat.  Just how I roll.


So, it’s October, month 10.  I haven’t caved yet but there are days…  Due to my lack of interest in styling my hair, I’m still struggling with the awkward growing out stuff.  I have purchased a brush which I have used once – with a blowdryer! This is big stuff for me.  I also bought some root lifter product, also used exactly once.

Each visit to the Dollar Store (I buy my dog’s Pepcid there and thus a frequent visitor…), I have spent about a dollar  on a new accessory, most of which I still can’t use.  Beth, probably tired of hearing me complain about my hair in my face, bought me this adorable bejeweled headband shown with some of my Dollar Store finds.


My version of styling – wash (or not), if washed, part with hands, air dry:


Which results in this later in the day – hair in face:

In the face  

Which leads to a headband the moment I get home.  Add that to my ritual of immediately removing all jewelry and donning pajamas as early in the evening as possible.  It’s a good look.

For those who think my hair isn’t growing fast, check out a pic from last year’s Booklovers’ Ball and one from this year.  And yes, someone else did my hair.  If she had seen the before picture, she wouldn’t have kept asking me if she was making it too short with all the curls!  Yeah, right.

Late 2011 Look  20131019_180805

Michelle here.  Oops, skipped a month.  Month 8 was pretty much like month 7 and month 9.  Hair is getting longer! Shocking, I know, since I’m growing it out.  In fact, it’s now longer than Beth’s and Liz’!  So there.  We’ve finally switched places.

Beth and Michelle

I’m still wearing a lot of headbands in the heat.  Our state is now experiencing a crazy amount of rain so I fully expect to be wearing this headband for the next few days.

Mae and Michelle

Hopeful that in month 10 these new little bands will come in handy.  I’m prepared.  I’m ready for a ponytail!

Little hairbands

We went to California this month, drove – through Utah and Nevada.  After a month or two of feeling OK, my hair suddenly became unbearable.  For 2 weeks.  I want to say it was the humidity but it was bone dry.  I ended up wearing a headband pretty much the whole time.


I’m back in dry Colorado.  My hair is fine. I think it’s telling me something.


My hair is still growing but there’s nothing much new, so this month I’m focusing on silly boys.  First, my nephew.  He didn’t know it was crazy color month, Liz!


As you know, Brad dropped out of the grow your hair for a year plan a few months ago.  He loved going to his new hairdresser, though.  He just didn’t like to plan ahead and make appointments. So last month he asked me to cut it again.  He likes it a bit longer now (thanks to this experiment). I wasn’t quite sure how that would work with my handy Wahl clippers. Previously I used attachment 4 or 5 and this time I tried 7 and 8.  People, it wasn’t pretty.  It just doesn’t work for longer hair.

So, this month, again he didn’t make an appointment and came begging at the Michelle One-Style Salon.  I said, “Fine, find me a video on how to do this with scissors.”  He came back with How to Cut Your Guy’s Hair which is pretty frickin’ awesome.  I love the way she says “cut your man’s hair.”

So out come the scissors and I’m ready to go.  Brad asks if I’m nervous.


What?  You should be nervous.

I’m not.

Well, you should be. I am.

I would think you would be glad I’m not nervous.

Did you watch the video again?

No.  I got it.

I would watch the video again.



This picture doesn’t do it justice. Great tips for a nice cut.  He was pleased. I was pleased.  And then…

He had to surprise me with this nasty little thing he found on the road in the park.  Silly boys.

Month six: a couple of silly girls growing their hair out with no real plan… See Resa’s post

mrj rb 2

I’m calling this a style.  I think this is what they call a bob. Well, maybe a layered bob.

I won’t actually style my hair which is why it’s kind of feathery.

Yes, after 5 months I’m pretty sure I have a style again.


Michelle here at month four, a third of the way through this year of growth.  This month comments ranged from “your hair got so long” to “I thought your hair would be a lot longer.”  So, let’s do a check-in.  Here is what I looked like in January.  Please note the beautiful weather…


Here’s what I look like now in snowy cold April.  That’s some pretty serious hair growth.


Brad is maintaining. He’s reluctant to go further but it’s unlikely he’ll return to the super short hair of 2012 and before.  Look at those lovely locks.


It’s still not all rosy.  I look kind of crazy in the morning.


And sometimes when others say it looks great, I do things like this: hide my hair under my scarf and say “I look like a babka.”  And my friends correct me, “No, a babushka.”

photo 2

Anyway, I’m having fun and I’m sticking it out. My hairstylist Lynette went back to bald:


Is this me in January 2014?

This is Michelle.

Month 3: Not as bad.  Really.

I mean – there were some days like this.  It’s true. 

But there were some days like this, too.  That’s a style, right?


This pic was taken in Chicago.  Kind of a funny story – now.  I was there one week without hair product…while growing my hair out.  When I unpacked, I turned my suitcase upside down at least twice looking for it.  Yes, it’s humid in Chicago.  I live in Denver, very dry.  And, I have straight, fine hair.  I was participating in an intensive one-week workshop with no time for shopping.  Luckily, I was staying in a very interesting, old school kinda place.  The kind of place that has old school kinda hair product in the public women’s rooms (and cuticle sticks and mouthwash – I’m still pondering this combo).


Every time I was alone in the restroom near the meeting room, I’d shoot this stuff all over my head. Wow, that stuff seems toxic.  It was pretty awful but I was desperate to keep my hair off my face and out of my eyes.  And it worked!

So, what’s the plan?  This was the early – mid-term plan but I don’t think I can pull it off. More bounce than my hair has.


Here’s where it is today. Pretty long for me. My hairdresser who is essentially bald and appreciated my pixie very much thinks I’m doing great. She says I’m strong. I’ll carry on.


My man, on the other hand – we’ll see.  He got a haircut early in the month and took a bunch off and he’s been talking about going for another cut every week since…he’s pretty cute but I don’t think he’ll have long hair come December.


Michelle, with my monthly check-in. My hair is long. My hair is heavy.  It takes a long time to wash.  You laugh. It’s not funny.  The last time I saw the hairdresser was December 21 and I swear she only removed about 3 strands.  I go in on Tuesday for a trim and I’m looking forward to this like it’s a massage.  Those of you with short hair know you gotta get your hair cut about once a month. I used to stretch it to 5-6 weeks by getting one short (free) cleanup in between.

It’s been a month of hats and barrettes, a couple good hair days and a few very bad hair days. I’ve never worn a hat into a restaurant before (why is this OK for women but not men?).  Here’s us on a good day, truthfully about a month ago already.  We’re not that cute right now.

photo 2

Barrettes and hats:


What do I notice most?  Color.  Both of us are getting darker as we let it grow.  For Brad, that’s good. Look at that band of dark at the bottom. For me, not so much. It’s interesting, though.  Also, Brad’s hair is still kinda curly.  And we are saving money. Feel I should contribute to the hair funds of Beth and Liz.


Bonus pic:


OK, my hair has been getting darker awhile now…

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