My hair is still growing but there’s nothing much new, so this month I’m focusing on silly boys.  First, my nephew.  He didn’t know it was crazy color month, Liz!


As you know, Brad dropped out of the grow your hair for a year plan a few months ago.  He loved going to his new hairdresser, though.  He just didn’t like to plan ahead and make appointments. So last month he asked me to cut it again.  He likes it a bit longer now (thanks to this experiment). I wasn’t quite sure how that would work with my handy Wahl clippers. Previously I used attachment 4 or 5 and this time I tried 7 and 8.  People, it wasn’t pretty.  It just doesn’t work for longer hair.

So, this month, again he didn’t make an appointment and came begging at the Michelle One-Style Salon.  I said, “Fine, find me a video on how to do this with scissors.”  He came back with How to Cut Your Guy’s Hair which is pretty frickin’ awesome.  I love the way she says “cut your man’s hair.”

So out come the scissors and I’m ready to go.  Brad asks if I’m nervous.


What?  You should be nervous.

I’m not.

Well, you should be. I am.

I would think you would be glad I’m not nervous.

Did you watch the video again?

No.  I got it.

I would watch the video again.



This picture doesn’t do it justice. Great tips for a nice cut.  He was pleased. I was pleased.  And then…

He had to surprise me with this nasty little thing he found on the road in the park.  Silly boys.

Month six: a couple of silly girls growing their hair out with no real plan… See Resa’s post

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