Michelle, with my monthly check-in. My hair is long. My hair is heavy.  It takes a long time to wash.  You laugh. It’s not funny.  The last time I saw the hairdresser was December 21 and I swear she only removed about 3 strands.  I go in on Tuesday for a trim and I’m looking forward to this like it’s a massage.  Those of you with short hair know you gotta get your hair cut about once a month. I used to stretch it to 5-6 weeks by getting one short (free) cleanup in between.

It’s been a month of hats and barrettes, a couple good hair days and a few very bad hair days. I’ve never worn a hat into a restaurant before (why is this OK for women but not men?).  Here’s us on a good day, truthfully about a month ago already.  We’re not that cute right now.

photo 2

Barrettes and hats:


What do I notice most?  Color.  Both of us are getting darker as we let it grow.  For Brad, that’s good. Look at that band of dark at the bottom. For me, not so much. It’s interesting, though.  Also, Brad’s hair is still kinda curly.  And we are saving money. Feel I should contribute to the hair funds of Beth and Liz.


Bonus pic:


OK, my hair has been getting darker awhile now…