This is Beth. Fabulous guest blogger Michelle has been chronicling the growing out of her own and her husband’s hair here (and here). Here’s another great growing-it-out story:

YN 3 YN 2 YN 3 YN4 YN5

In Yael’s words:

No it is not a wig.

One of the main reasons I choose to keep my hair very short is due to my unruly, crazy frizzy, unpredictable hair, after my daughter was born I quickly got sick of her thinking it was funny to pull it as hard as she could when she was a baby.

It has been short for almost 10 years, my hair grows quickly which meant a trip every 2 weeks for a trim, to the amazing woman that has kept my mane tame. When Beth mentioned her blog I jumped at the opportunity to participate but really I just needed an excuse to grow it out and stick with it.

Month number 1 I got by with extra goo, month number 2 required a flat iron, now on month number 3 and I am at the point where I typically give  up and go get it chopped. It is big, wavy and in need of more help than I can provide, as a last resort I have raided my daughter’s hair accessories, barrettes are my weapon of choice.

I have no idea where my hair and I are going to end, my safety net is that I can always cut it short again, but not for 9 more months….. I made a promise……