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This is Beth. With the December Pixie post.

1. Inspired by:

D5 Jennifer Lawrence D1 Anne Hathaway D2 Cherlize Theron D3 Emma Watson D4 Jamie Lee Curtis D6 maggie gyllenhaal beyonce hair cut D7 Michelle Williams D8 Miley Cyrus 2 D9 Natalie Portman D10 Pamela Anderson

2. Music (what happened to be playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Don’t remember much except we did hear a classic-sounding version of Let it Snow and a holiday song by Stevie Nicks.

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Went to the liquor store with good intentions of concocting a spirited seasonal cocktail based on awesome suggestions from friends (thank you Shawna, Michelle, Bill, and Melanie!), but… I had trouble finding ingredients that added up to anything and ran out of time. Ended up rushing out of Argonaut with this:

Dec Drink 1

Not bad in a pinch.

4. The Theory—Everybody knows that long hair on women is more feminine and attractive than a close-cropped do. Right? Probably as true as any stereotype. Just look at the assortment of fetching females above!

5. Reactions—Have heard some nice comments. And I get the short hair thing now – it’s easy. Though I’m still surprised sometimes when I see myself in the mirror.

Dec Pix 3

This is Beth. And this is how I look turning 45 on 12/10/13 (a “helfie,” [thanks Michelle!] – the color is for the girl who has strongly suggested blue from the start of all this [sorry I don’t have a bow]):

dec helfie

Here’s the post from last year:

It’s my birthday and I’m going to a party tonight. The party is not for me, and I hope not to cry.

I do expect to cry during 2013, however (and probably sooner). Sometimes over my hair.

I wanted to take this opportunity to document the starting do. This is how I look turning 44 on 12/10/12:

bday bday bow

(Thanks photo’ers Jilly & Mae)

What will I look like turning 45 on 12.10.13? Whatever the do, I do promise to redo the bow-on-head pic.

P.S. Links to the song: Lesley Gore and Amy Winehouse.

P.P.S. I just learned (thank you Google) that I share a birthday with Ada Lovelace. From “Female bloggers owe a lot to Ada Lovelace, the imaginative and intelligent “enchantress of numbers.” As the first person to envision the use of computers for purposes beyond mathematical computations — and considered by many to be the first computer programmer — Lovelace not only paved the way for all those who use the Internet to communicate and educate, but continues to serve as a hero for women and girls involved in math, science and technology.” Also, a nice do.


This is Beth. A year later, with Liz and Michelle.

LC & BK Nov 2013 MJ & BK Nov 2013

November 30, 2012 saw the first post – Inspired by a six year old, kind of. Here it is:

The girl wanted an asymmetrical cut so we Googled it and told friends. Liz said people in Hollywood change their hair all the time, wouldn’t it be fun. . . So – crazy idea, new project: Liz and I will get new hairdos every month for a year and blog about it. Silly and irrelevant in this world of much seriousness and sadness, plus time consuming, but potentially fun, distracting, and hopefully entertaining.


The girl picked this pic to show the haircutter. Her $12 cut – not so short, not so red, and looks a bit like she cut it herself. But we like it.


The boy got his hair cut too, based on this pic.

P.S. (A year later) It has been silly and irrelevant in this world of much seriousness and sadness, plus time consuming, but also fun, distracting, and hopefully entertaining. Thank you Liz and Michelle!

In March we posted a series of hair transformations, starting with New dos abound. Here’s a summer do change worth documenting:

Fran June


Fran July


Fran August


In Fran’s words: “I’m changing everything in my life- separating from my husband of 34 years, moving from a large home to a townhouse, changing my hair. Just because I can.”

This is Beth. Fabulous guest blogger Michelle has been chronicling the growing out of her own and her husband’s hair here (and here). Here’s another great growing-it-out story:

YN 3 YN 2 YN 3 YN4 YN5

In Yael’s words:

No it is not a wig.

One of the main reasons I choose to keep my hair very short is due to my unruly, crazy frizzy, unpredictable hair, after my daughter was born I quickly got sick of her thinking it was funny to pull it as hard as she could when she was a baby.

It has been short for almost 10 years, my hair grows quickly which meant a trip every 2 weeks for a trim, to the amazing woman that has kept my mane tame. When Beth mentioned her blog I jumped at the opportunity to participate but really I just needed an excuse to grow it out and stick with it.

Month number 1 I got by with extra goo, month number 2 required a flat iron, now on month number 3 and I am at the point where I typically give  up and go get it chopped. It is big, wavy and in need of more help than I can provide, as a last resort I have raided my daughter’s hair accessories, barrettes are my weapon of choice.

I have no idea where my hair and I are going to end, my safety net is that I can always cut it short again, but not for 9 more months….. I made a promise……


This is Beth. Witnessing more amazing hair transformations.


WD blonde

The pic used to convince her mom that it was time for a change:

WD roots


WD brown hair

In Whitney’s words:

I’m not sure I like it yet, shocked every time I see my reflection! Ben likes it more, and yes–my mom does too! I have been blonde my whole life (natural as a kid, with professional help as an adult) and the maintenance was just getting to be too much; I felt like I always had horrible roots! So, in essence, this is kind of my lazy way out of having to get it done every six weeks–which, let’s be honest, is a lot of money for hair. 😉 We’ll see how I feel come summertime… 

P.S. Whitney got engaged shortly after becoming a brunette. Congratulations!

This is Beth. And this is one of the most dramatic hair transformations I’ve seen recently, complete with great story!


SC long 1 SC long 2


SC short 2 SC short 1

In Suzuki’s words:

Since you asked about my thought process, a less-is-more spirit has been compelling me. After a lengthy period of neglect, I recently overhauled my office, cleaned out my closet, pruned my fruit trees, and stepped into a hair salon for the first time in a decade. (My husband is now off the hook for trims.) The time had come for an actual hairstyle!

Specifically, I desired a 1920s style that would work with my waves. I had to cut it a few times before it approximated what I had in mind.Then I had to figure out how to let it dry and get it styled into a somewhat decent shape. (The alternatives provide family entertainment. I can now look just like a human Q-Tip or like my head’s on fire.)

One thing I noticed after the latest cut was: Oh, I have a neck! Suddenly, jewelry seems apropos and looks right.

The style itself is a work-in-progress and I’m having fun experimenting. Change is good!

This is Beth. Mandi is one of my favorite people. Last year she cut off her long flowing locks, a fairly dramatic change.


AT long 2 AT long


AT short AT short 2

She is, of course, still beautiful. Inside and out!

Coming soon: a series of posts featuring other spectacular hair transformations.

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