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This is Beth. Celebrating.

Exhibit opening 2012:

November last

(That’s me on the left.)

Exhibit opening 2013:

November this

(That’s Liz on the right, me next to her sporting a spiky version of this month’s do.)

What strikes me (besides dramatic do change): how fortunate I am to work on projects like these, with fabulous people.

This is Beth. And it’s August already.

1. The do—Straight Bob.

Inspired by the slick, modern dos of many celebrities:

Straight Bob 1 Straight Bob 2 Straight Bob 3 Straight Bob 12 Straight Bob 5Straight Bob 7 Straight Bob 9 Straight Bob 8 Straight Bob 4 Straight Bob 10

My bob is a coppery-gold.

2. Music (what was playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: music plays all the time at Bang, I don’t get to pick do-appropriate songs. This time I only remember what was playing at he pizza place when Liz and I went next door to order dinner – Karma Chameleon (gotta love Culture Club, Boy George).

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: I do get to choose the do-appropriate drink. Had many ideas for this month’s drink but fell apart at the execution. Running out of the house in an attempt not to be late to see Monica, I made a quick lemonade and raspberry juice mixture (in stock thanks to my babes) and grabbed vodka, lime and ice.

Aug drink 1 Aug drink 2

4. The Theory—The bob. A classic hairdo with many variations that have evolved over decades. Currently celebrities sport sleek  sophisticated bobs (above), it’s also a default haircut for moms who don’t have much time to do much with their dos. According to Glamour, “there’s a fine line between trendy bob and soccer-mom helmet.” I’m going for chic but might fall into frumpy.

5. Reactions—TBD.

Aug 1 Aug 2

P.S. Title song – in honor of an old but timeless style, sometimes a mom do: The Beatles Your Mother Should Know

This is Beth. Getting a jump start on July.

1. The do—Curly Bob.

Inspired by carefree-looking, fun-having, slightly-smirky free spirits:

Curly Bob 2 Curly Bob 4 Glamour Magazine 2009 Women Of The Year Honors - Arrivals Curly Bob 1 Curly Bob 3

Not sure why they’re all blond; mine will stay the same medium-to-getting-lighter brown for now.

2. Music (what was playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: music plays all the time at Bang, I don’t get to pick do-appropriate songs. The solon bustled this week; I only noticed one song (playing when Monica switched off the blow dryer): Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. All about more-then-hair change. Nice, relevant. “Make that change.”

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: I do get to choose the do-appropriate drink. This time, gin and tonic. Classic, refreshing summer drink.

July G&T

4. The Theory—The Curly Bob: it’s a little bit shorter, a little bit less labor intensive. A little bit boring in our anything-goes hair culture?

According to Wikipedia, a bob is “a short haircut…in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, often with a fringe (or ‘bangs’) at the front.” From “This classic short hairstyle is low maintenance, high style and flattering to every face shape. Many versions can go from straight and smooth to curly and tousled.”

Fun, easy, happy, perfect for summer, perfect for vacation. We’ll see if I can keep the mood light and relaxed to go with the hair.

5. Reactions—This month they’ll be international. We’ll see.

Curly Bob done 1 Curly Bob done 2 Curly Bob done 3

P.S. Music Links:

Title song Curli Hair by Hawkeye and Hoe from He’s Got the Whole World in his Slacks. Careful, it’s a catchy one. From their website: “Hawkeye and Hoe are an English duo playing good time country, bluegrass, rockabilly, farmer folk, skiffle, rock n roll, pub polka, irish, cajun, folk roots and what they like to call ‘BEER DRINKING MUSIC.'”



This is Beth. Continuing to hope that this little hair/blog project gives a little needed distraction from seriousness and sadness in the world.

In April, Liz went big, I went home – no dramatic change and embracing the most common of hair colors ended up fairly… boring. I don’t think I confirmed a brunette stereotype, however. I think we just didn’t see quite enough sunny days in April.

We’re looking forward to May:

hair headbands 3

May it bring good news, fun and lots more sunshine.

hair headbands 4 hair headbands 5

P.S. Comb of the month pic:

April Comb

This is Beth. At the begining of April I posted the five elements of my “brunette” do, including several sweet-looking brown-haired celebrity inspirations – trying to capture the “girl next door” element of the streotype. Here’s the same set of celeb pics paired with steamy, sultry poses for contrast:

Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway sexy

Audrey Hepburn, The Nun's Story (1959) directed by Fred Zinnemann Audrey Hepburn sexy

Diane Lane Diane Lane sexy

Emma Watson Emma Watson sexy

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez sexy

Julia Roberts Julia Roberts sexy

Katie Holmes Katie Holmes sexy

Maggie Gyllenhaal Maggie Gyllenhaal sexy

Natalie Portman Natalie Portman sexy

Natalie Wood Natalie Wood sexy

Rachael Ray Rachel Ray sexy

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar sexy

Taylor Swift

(Okay, she’s really a blond)

Taylor Swift sexy

And – my all-time favorite:

Tina Fey

Tina Fey sexy 1

Tina Fey sexy 2

Tina Fey sexy 3

Tina Fey sexy 4

Tina Fey sexy 5


April drink April wild one wine

This is Beth. Witnessing more amazing hair transformations.


WD blonde

The pic used to convince her mom that it was time for a change:

WD roots


WD brown hair

In Whitney’s words:

I’m not sure I like it yet, shocked every time I see my reflection! Ben likes it more, and yes–my mom does too! I have been blonde my whole life (natural as a kid, with professional help as an adult) and the maintenance was just getting to be too much; I felt like I always had horrible roots! So, in essence, this is kind of my lazy way out of having to get it done every six weeks–which, let’s be honest, is a lot of money for hair. 😉 We’ll see how I feel come summertime… 

P.S. Whitney got engaged shortly after becoming a brunette. Congratulations!

This is Beth. Over the years my hair has varied fairly dramatically in color—browns, reddish-browns (purplish to orangish), light browns—but I’m new to the very dark. And I wonder (here with very dark dye):

Feb color

How dark is very dark? At what point does brown become black? Does “brunette” include very dark, black hair?

SV BEC you decide

You decide.

This is Beth. And it’s February.

1. The Do—Dark. Very dark. Inspired by famous females with shadowy tresses:

Alanis MorissetteAmerica FerreraAngela BassettAudrey HepburnCatherine Zeta JonesCherDiana RossIsabella RosselliniJennifer HudsonJoan CollinsKaty PerryLea MicheleLucy LiuNatalie WoodNaya RiveraPadma LakshmiSandra OhZooey Deschanel

New this month: inspiration from closer to home—friend and colleague Andrea generously gave me permission to share her image:


(Pics of others I know who have very dark hair to come in future posts.)

I’ll be doing my take on a very dark do soft & wavy most of the month, if the hair cooperates.

2. Music (what was playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: music plays all the time at Bang, I don’t get to pick do-appropriate songs. This time what I heard, noticed, remember: Marvin Gaye Let’s Get It On and Al Green Let’s Stay Together. Like.

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: I do get to choose the do-appropriate drink—I bring the mixin’s and mix. This time, Black Russian, the tall/dirty variety.

Feb drink mixin's Feb drinkin' Feb drink color card

Ice/Kahlua/vodka. A splash of cola makes it tall and/or dirty. Yum.

4. The Theory—Mysterious. Exotic. Stereotypes include: stormy, intense, angry.

5. Reactions—I’m pretty sure I can’t pull off exotic, we’ll see…

Feb done2

P.S. Title song: Led Zeppelin’s The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair (I do declare, yeah, she’s got long black wavy hair).

This is Beth. With a few more month-one tidbits.

Driving—I got a ticket on the way to do the first do. Speeding captured by photo radar.

Makeup— I added tinted moisturizer and eyeliner to the just-mascara look I’d been sporting since the mid-to-late ’80s. No one really noticed.

Theory—Early in the month I was presented with a book (thank you Derek and Jilly): The Roots of Desire: the Myth, Meaning, and Sexual Power of Red Hair by Marion Roach. Had planned to mine it for some good information to share before the January experiment drew to a close, but time ran out.

Redhead theory book

And, sadly, I didn’t gather much in the realm of personal anecdotes.

(As the month ends, the reporting begins.)

This is Beth. Reflecting.

Jan nother

Starting the little hair/blog project—I’d already published 17 posts by the day of the first do. Who knew I’d feel the need to write so much? Blogging=interesting outlet. I also captured the pre-January do – here with Kara and Michelle:

Jan start emrj park

Funny, one sports similar start style, the other closer to what I might end up with at year end.

Do done and documented—Fabulous photographer Neal brought equipment to work to capture the January Orange:

beth 4 low res

Neal shot a couple other coworkers too, unfortunately Liz had the Eisenhower Tunnel as model that day. (Yes, Liz helped photo I-70 sites including the tunnel for an upcoming exhibit; they even stopped traffic.)

A less experienced photographer took my new Facebook pic:

Jan Red fb

At at Jane’s request, I tried going curly for a weekend. Not so great.

Jan curly

The January hair reminded me of some foods, for example:

red cheetos

Mid month color boost The orange seemed to be fading fast so I got myself over to Bang. They call it a gloss. Monica recommended “Curry” with a little bit of something else mixed in… The result was still in the fiery red zone, darker:

Jan mid month red

A nice change to get me through to the new February do (debuting within the first week of the month).

P.S. Thanks to Mana, Jack, and babes for snapshot taking. Special thanks to Neal for expert photo taking:

Neal 3

P.P.S. Special thanks also to January guest bloggers Michelle and Bill!

MRJ end Jan  Bill bar

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