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This is Beth. Last year, after we started blogging but before we started cutting, I posted about what I was willing to do with my do. At that time I said no Kate (from Jon and Kate Plus Eight), yes Katy (Katy Perry blue bob, or any Katy Perry really).

I also drafted a post way back then when I met  a woman whose do so moved me that I asked her if I could photo it. Kate agreed to the pic, and offered without prompting to send her inspiration/haircutter instruction image and did so immediately. She followed up with even more visual material. I like this woman. And her hair. I like everything about this story.

Kate at work:

Kate2 Kate1

Kate’s inspiration pic:


Past pics of Kate and more inspiration:

Kate 1

Kate 2

Kate 3

Kate 4

I hadn’t looked at the pictures in months. Now I realize that I’ve gotten pretty close to her do. Though it looks better on Kate, and she didn’t need a hair/blog project as impetus!

This is Beth. And this has been Up & Accessory month.

3/1 Messy tucked pony

3/2 Messy bun; tiny side braid for evening ’80s party

3/3 Messy french braid

March french braid

3/4 Low bun with corkscrew pins

3/5 Low side pony (worn with leg warmers)

3/6 Feathery beaded headband (salon visit!)

3/7 Twists around face with fancy pins (thanks Kara) with swoopy smooth back by Monica [attempts at other styles failed despite salon tutorial]; the girl wore pins too

March side pin March girl pins

3/8 Gibson roll with headband

fb March

3/9 Exceptionally messy, very high pony for weekend; winter hat for sledding and soggy zoo visit

3/10 Two low side braids, tied together to avoid Pippi Longstocking look

3/11 [after two failed updo attempts] Feathers! (thanks Ginni)

March feathers 2

3/12 Sock bun, smooth with lots of flyways (started with straight hair); the girl wore a bun too

March sock bun March girl bun

3/13 Attempt at Ginni’s three-little-buns-across-back-of-head (messy & didn’t look like buns but got a couple compliments); the girl high pony with sparkly bow clip

March pin buns March girl pony clip

3/14 Poorly executed gibson roll; the girl big bow headband and low back pony

March roll March girl big bow March girl big bow 2

3/15 Shiny blue flower pin (thanks Kara) on curly hair; the girl two french braids along face

March blue pin March girl braids

3/16 Two skinny white stretchy headbands, straight bangs, curly back

3/17 Two braid buns vertically stacked back of head

3/18 Three-little-buns-across-back-of-head by Ginni; the girl super side swept

March Giny buns March girl side March girl side 2

3/19 High sock bun (started curly this time) with black elastic headband

3/20 Super messy pony & pins, started straight

3/21 Headwrap (Asparagus Studio); the girl high pony

March asp stu March girl high pony

3/22 Knit hair “turbin” (Anthropologie)

March turbin

3/23 High curly pony with straight bangs

3/24 Twisted in back with pins, sections fell out throughout the day

3/25 Tucked pony with fancy clip

3/26 Low bun with corkscrew pins, started curly this time

3/27 High two-section pony, ends wrapped & tucked, no bangs

3/28 Two skinny black elastic headbands, pony pulled through 1 1/2 times

3/29 Front pulled back with fancy bobby pins, back down, bangs

3/30 Top section pulled back in a pony, hair wrapping elastic, back down & straight, bangs

3/31 Lazily pulled back with two bobby pins

March last

Best hairdo of the month: the girl’s “wrecking ball”

March girl wrecking ball

P.S. Special thanks to Ginni for hair advice and hair doing!

March Ginny pins

This is Beth. Mandi is one of my favorite people. Last year she cut off her long flowing locks, a fairly dramatic change.


AT long 2 AT long


AT short AT short 2

She is, of course, still beautiful. Inside and out!

Coming soon: a series of posts featuring other spectacular hair transformations.

This is Beth. And it’s February.

1. The Do—Dark. Very dark. Inspired by famous females with shadowy tresses:

Alanis MorissetteAmerica FerreraAngela BassettAudrey HepburnCatherine Zeta JonesCherDiana RossIsabella RosselliniJennifer HudsonJoan CollinsKaty PerryLea MicheleLucy LiuNatalie WoodNaya RiveraPadma LakshmiSandra OhZooey Deschanel

New this month: inspiration from closer to home—friend and colleague Andrea generously gave me permission to share her image:


(Pics of others I know who have very dark hair to come in future posts.)

I’ll be doing my take on a very dark do soft & wavy most of the month, if the hair cooperates.

2. Music (what was playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: music plays all the time at Bang, I don’t get to pick do-appropriate songs. This time what I heard, noticed, remember: Marvin Gaye Let’s Get It On and Al Green Let’s Stay Together. Like.

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: I do get to choose the do-appropriate drink—I bring the mixin’s and mix. This time, Black Russian, the tall/dirty variety.

Feb drink mixin's Feb drinkin' Feb drink color card

Ice/Kahlua/vodka. A splash of cola makes it tall and/or dirty. Yum.

4. The Theory—Mysterious. Exotic. Stereotypes include: stormy, intense, angry.

5. Reactions—I’m pretty sure I can’t pull off exotic, we’ll see…

Feb done2

P.S. Title song: Led Zeppelin’s The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair (I do declare, yeah, she’s got long black wavy hair).

This is Beth. With a few more month-one tidbits.

Driving—I got a ticket on the way to do the first do. Speeding captured by photo radar.

Makeup— I added tinted moisturizer and eyeliner to the just-mascara look I’d been sporting since the mid-to-late ’80s. No one really noticed.

Theory—Early in the month I was presented with a book (thank you Derek and Jilly): The Roots of Desire: the Myth, Meaning, and Sexual Power of Red Hair by Marion Roach. Had planned to mine it for some good information to share before the January experiment drew to a close, but time ran out.

Redhead theory book

And, sadly, I didn’t gather much in the realm of personal anecdotes.

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