This is Beth. And this has been Up & Accessory month.

3/1 Messy tucked pony

3/2 Messy bun; tiny side braid for evening ’80s party

3/3 Messy french braid

March french braid

3/4 Low bun with corkscrew pins

3/5 Low side pony (worn with leg warmers)

3/6 Feathery beaded headband (salon visit!)

3/7 Twists around face with fancy pins (thanks Kara) with swoopy smooth back by Monica [attempts at other styles failed despite salon tutorial]; the girl wore pins too

March side pin March girl pins

3/8 Gibson roll with headband

fb March

3/9 Exceptionally messy, very high pony for weekend; winter hat for sledding and soggy zoo visit

3/10 Two low side braids, tied together to avoid Pippi Longstocking look

3/11 [after two failed updo attempts] Feathers! (thanks Ginni)

March feathers 2

3/12 Sock bun, smooth with lots of flyways (started with straight hair); the girl wore a bun too

March sock bun March girl bun

3/13 Attempt at Ginni’s three-little-buns-across-back-of-head (messy & didn’t look like buns but got a couple compliments); the girl high pony with sparkly bow clip

March pin buns March girl pony clip

3/14 Poorly executed gibson roll; the girl big bow headband and low back pony

March roll March girl big bow March girl big bow 2

3/15 Shiny blue flower pin (thanks Kara) on curly hair; the girl two french braids along face

March blue pin March girl braids

3/16 Two skinny white stretchy headbands, straight bangs, curly back

3/17 Two braid buns vertically stacked back of head

3/18 Three-little-buns-across-back-of-head by Ginni; the girl super side swept

March Giny buns March girl side March girl side 2

3/19 High sock bun (started curly this time) with black elastic headband

3/20 Super messy pony & pins, started straight

3/21 Headwrap (Asparagus Studio); the girl high pony

March asp stu March girl high pony

3/22 Knit hair “turbin” (Anthropologie)

March turbin

3/23 High curly pony with straight bangs

3/24 Twisted in back with pins, sections fell out throughout the day

3/25 Tucked pony with fancy clip

3/26 Low bun with corkscrew pins, started curly this time

3/27 High two-section pony, ends wrapped & tucked, no bangs

3/28 Two skinny black elastic headbands, pony pulled through 1 1/2 times

3/29 Front pulled back with fancy bobby pins, back down, bangs

3/30 Top section pulled back in a pony, hair wrapping elastic, back down & straight, bangs

3/31 Lazily pulled back with two bobby pins

March last

Best hairdo of the month: the girl’s “wrecking ball”

March girl wrecking ball

P.S. Special thanks to Ginni for hair advice and hair doing!

March Ginny pins