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This is Beth. With fabulous links from friends.

From Michelle and Angela: Guys with Fancy Lady Hair






From Kathy: Here’s What Getting a $1,200 Haircut is Like


Sam Grobart writes, “I’m not even going to try to judge [Ted] Gibson’s admittedly wackadoodle price for a haircut. I won’t, because the market already has: Even after raising his price to $1,200 from $950, he still has a two-month waiting list.”


P.S. Grobart’s article includes a link to a Prince video – his look is slightly reminiscent of the guy glam pics above.

This is Beth. And this has been Up & Accessory month.

3/1 Messy tucked pony

3/2 Messy bun; tiny side braid for evening ’80s party

3/3 Messy french braid

March french braid

3/4 Low bun with corkscrew pins

3/5 Low side pony (worn with leg warmers)

3/6 Feathery beaded headband (salon visit!)

3/7 Twists around face with fancy pins (thanks Kara) with swoopy smooth back by Monica [attempts at other styles failed despite salon tutorial]; the girl wore pins too

March side pin March girl pins

3/8 Gibson roll with headband

fb March

3/9 Exceptionally messy, very high pony for weekend; winter hat for sledding and soggy zoo visit

3/10 Two low side braids, tied together to avoid Pippi Longstocking look

3/11 [after two failed updo attempts] Feathers! (thanks Ginni)

March feathers 2

3/12 Sock bun, smooth with lots of flyways (started with straight hair); the girl wore a bun too

March sock bun March girl bun

3/13 Attempt at Ginni’s three-little-buns-across-back-of-head (messy & didn’t look like buns but got a couple compliments); the girl high pony with sparkly bow clip

March pin buns March girl pony clip

3/14 Poorly executed gibson roll; the girl big bow headband and low back pony

March roll March girl big bow March girl big bow 2

3/15 Shiny blue flower pin (thanks Kara) on curly hair; the girl two french braids along face

March blue pin March girl braids

3/16 Two skinny white stretchy headbands, straight bangs, curly back

3/17 Two braid buns vertically stacked back of head

3/18 Three-little-buns-across-back-of-head by Ginni; the girl super side swept

March Giny buns March girl side March girl side 2

3/19 High sock bun (started curly this time) with black elastic headband

3/20 Super messy pony & pins, started straight

3/21 Headwrap (Asparagus Studio); the girl high pony

March asp stu March girl high pony

3/22 Knit hair “turbin” (Anthropologie)

March turbin

3/23 High curly pony with straight bangs

3/24 Twisted in back with pins, sections fell out throughout the day

3/25 Tucked pony with fancy clip

3/26 Low bun with corkscrew pins, started curly this time

3/27 High two-section pony, ends wrapped & tucked, no bangs

3/28 Two skinny black elastic headbands, pony pulled through 1 1/2 times

3/29 Front pulled back with fancy bobby pins, back down, bangs

3/30 Top section pulled back in a pony, hair wrapping elastic, back down & straight, bangs

3/31 Lazily pulled back with two bobby pins

March last

Best hairdo of the month: the girl’s “wrecking ball”

March girl wrecking ball

P.S. Special thanks to Ginni for hair advice and hair doing!

March Ginny pins

This is Beth. Shopping.

accessory 1 accessory 2 accessory 3 accessory 4

A deal?

This is Beth. And it’s March.

1. The Do—It’s Up and Accessory month.

Inspired by celebrity updos (several examples from the Academy Awards, thanks Jilly):

up Adele Adkins imgres up Amanda Seyfried up Charlize Theron up Christine Teigen up Jennifer Garner up Jennifer Lawrence up Katy Perry url up Keira Knightley up Sandra Bullock 2013 Oscars up Taylor Swift

The very dark continues (so, not a new brunette, but I like the song).

2. Music (what was playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: While I do get to pick the blog post title song, I don’t get to pick what plays at Bang. Often the salon is noisy, I only hear a few songs. This time: Don’t You Forget About Me—Simple Minds (the fourth time the song [or The Breakfast Club] has come up in as many days), I Wanna Dance With Somebody—Whitney Houston, and TIme After Time—Cyndi Lauper. Seriously ’80s.

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: I do get to choose the do-appropriate drink. This time, a recipe from my Northampton friend—Jeff’s Bellini Martini.

March mixin's March with drink

Vodka, peach schnapps, prosecco (or champagne). The drink is fancy, like some of the updos I’ll attempt. It requires a shaker and special glass. All totally worth it.

4. The Theories—Two ends of a spectrum: super fancy party-ready undo or (and) super casual throw it in a ponytail.

From Style by Marianne Moro: “An updo hairstyle involves pinning the hair on the top or sides of the head in a formal fashion. Usually reserved for special occasions like parties, weddings and funerals, the style can be adapted into a loose version for everyday wear. The most common “updo” stereotype is of a librarian with a tight bun of hair pinned on top of her head. But in the modern day updos are commonly used by teen girls at prom time, by actresses during award shows, and by everyday women who want a new look.”

By the way, I know lots of librarians and none of them wear buns. None fit a traditional “librarian” stereotype in any way, really.

5. Reactions—Although I just saw Monica at Bang, I started wearing the do up/with accessories (simple styles) the first of the month. So far not much of a reaction. Gotta admit, I’m glad Liz made a big splash with a dramatic, fun March do.

Monica spent some time time showing many ways to do updos, I hope to remember even half of them!

March with Monica

P.S. Title song: Billy Bragg from Talking With the Taxman About Poetry (“Whoops, there goes another year [whoops, there goes another pint of beer]”).

This is Beth. Last month friends and coworkers expressed some disappointment when the new do didn’t appear on the first of the month. Liz and I promise to debut new dos within the first week [JJ].

Meanwhile, I’ll continue the February theme by sharing pics of dark-haired good guys – female characters – brainstormed at the bar:

Lois Lane 1 Lois Lane 2

Princess Leia Princess Leia Organa Solo

Snow White

Wonder Woman 1 Wonder Woman 2

I plan to see Monica at Bang next week (within the first week of the month). At that time I’ll share the “five elements” of the monthly do. However, I’m revealing the plan for March now – it’s Up & Accessory month for me. That started today:

BK March 1st

Thanks to Bill (of the facial hair series), I have a hair planning tool that will come in very handy:

Hair planning tool 1 Hair planning tool 2

P.S. Some of you [JJ] may be disappointed in me this month. Perhaps up & accessories seems boring, lame, a bit of a cop out. I’ll try to keep it interesting; I hope I can make it up to you later in the year; I think Liz might reveal a more dramatic March do (!).

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