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This is Beth. With fabulous links from friends.

From Michelle and Angela: Guys with Fancy Lady Hair






From Kathy: Here’s What Getting a $1,200 Haircut is Like


Sam Grobart writes, “I’m not even going to try to judge [Ted] Gibson’s admittedly wackadoodle price for a haircut. I won’t, because the market already has: Even after raising his price to $1,200 from $950, he still has a two-month waiting list.”


P.S. Grobart’s article includes a link to a Prince video – his look is slightly reminiscent of the guy glam pics above.

Hello, my name is Bill. I work with Beth at History Colorado. After chronicling my disastrous head-shaving episode, Beth very kindly asked me to contribute an occasional perspective from the Lost Island of Boys. Here’s what I look like just now:

Bill now

Boys don’t think very deeply about their hair, in general, I think. We keep it short so we can dry it off with a quick rub from a towel, and that’s about the extent of it. I suspect that guys my age worry more about keeping what little hair they still have. I’ve been pretty fortunate about that so far, so I’m going to focus on the hair sprouting out on my face.

I can’t say I’ll try a different style each month. But I’ll try to keep it interesting.

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