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In March we posted a series of hair transformations, starting with New dos abound. Here’s a summer do change worth documenting:

Fran June


Fran July


Fran August


In Fran’s words: “I’m changing everything in my life- separating from my husband of 34 years, moving from a large home to a townhouse, changing my hair. Just because I can.”

This is Beth. Continuing to hope that this little hair/blog project gives a little needed distraction from seriousness and sadness in the world.

In April, Liz went big, I went home – no dramatic change and embracing the most common of hair colors ended up fairly… boring. I don’t think I confirmed a brunette stereotype, however. I think we just didn’t see quite enough sunny days in April.

We’re looking forward to May:

hair headbands 3

May it bring good news, fun and lots more sunshine.

hair headbands 4 hair headbands 5

P.S. Comb of the month pic:

April Comb

This is Beth. At the begining of April I posted the five elements of my “brunette” do, including several sweet-looking brown-haired celebrity inspirations – trying to capture the “girl next door” element of the streotype. Here’s the same set of celeb pics paired with steamy, sultry poses for contrast:

Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway sexy

Audrey Hepburn, The Nun's Story (1959) directed by Fred Zinnemann Audrey Hepburn sexy

Diane Lane Diane Lane sexy

Emma Watson Emma Watson sexy

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez sexy

Julia Roberts Julia Roberts sexy

Katie Holmes Katie Holmes sexy

Maggie Gyllenhaal Maggie Gyllenhaal sexy

Natalie Portman Natalie Portman sexy

Natalie Wood Natalie Wood sexy

Rachael Ray Rachel Ray sexy

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar sexy

Taylor Swift

(Okay, she’s really a blond)

Taylor Swift sexy

And – my all-time favorite:

Tina Fey

Tina Fey sexy 1

Tina Fey sexy 2

Tina Fey sexy 3

Tina Fey sexy 4

Tina Fey sexy 5


April drink April wild one wine

This is Beth. And it’s April.

1. The Do—Brunette.

Inspired by many (sweet-looking) brown-haired beauties:

Anne Hathaway Audrey Hepburn, The Nun's Story (1959) directed by Fred Zinnemann Diane Lane Emma Watson Jennifer Lopez Julia Roberts Katie Holmes Tina Fey Maggie Gyllenhaal Natalie Portman Natalie Wood Rachael Ray Sarah Michelle Gellar Taylor Swift

2. Music (what was playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: music plays all the time at Bang, I don’t get to pick do-appropriate songs. This time what I heard, noticed, remember: American Pie and Have You Ever Seen the Rain (early ’70s this time).

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: I do get to choose the do-appropriate drink. This time, red wine. And not just any red wine that any brunette might sip… okay, well, yes, it was.

April drink fixin's April drink April with drink

4. The Theory—Girl next door. Nice, smart, serious, studious, brainy, even tempered, stable, competent. Also plain, boring. But, don’t forget trustworthy, faithful, confident, self sufficient, mature, clever, gifted, worldly. I learned that brown is a typical hair color for most ethnicities, so it’s relatively common—that may be why brunettes tend to get pegged as stable and dependable while rarer hair colors get flashy, more dramatic stereotypes. By the way, “brunette” probably best captures my natural hair color.

5. Reactions—Some of you will say that it’s the same as February and March. Others might recognize the “nice dimensional brown” as Monica put it. So, we’ll see… And please remember, we have several months of new dos a-comin’ plus (drum roll) hopefully another big change from Liz this month. Cheers!

April done do

P.S. Title song: Adam Ant from Friend or Foe

This is Beth. Witnessing more amazing hair transformations.


WD blonde

The pic used to convince her mom that it was time for a change:

WD roots


WD brown hair

In Whitney’s words:

I’m not sure I like it yet, shocked every time I see my reflection! Ben likes it more, and yes–my mom does too! I have been blonde my whole life (natural as a kid, with professional help as an adult) and the maintenance was just getting to be too much; I felt like I always had horrible roots! So, in essence, this is kind of my lazy way out of having to get it done every six weeks–which, let’s be honest, is a lot of money for hair. 😉 We’ll see how I feel come summertime… 

P.S. Whitney got engaged shortly after becoming a brunette. Congratulations!

This is Beth. And it’s March.

1. The Do—It’s Up and Accessory month.

Inspired by celebrity updos (several examples from the Academy Awards, thanks Jilly):

up Adele Adkins imgres up Amanda Seyfried up Charlize Theron up Christine Teigen up Jennifer Garner up Jennifer Lawrence up Katy Perry url up Keira Knightley up Sandra Bullock 2013 Oscars up Taylor Swift

The very dark continues (so, not a new brunette, but I like the song).

2. Music (what was playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: While I do get to pick the blog post title song, I don’t get to pick what plays at Bang. Often the salon is noisy, I only hear a few songs. This time: Don’t You Forget About Me—Simple Minds (the fourth time the song [or The Breakfast Club] has come up in as many days), I Wanna Dance With Somebody—Whitney Houston, and TIme After Time—Cyndi Lauper. Seriously ’80s.

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: I do get to choose the do-appropriate drink. This time, a recipe from my Northampton friend—Jeff’s Bellini Martini.

March mixin's March with drink

Vodka, peach schnapps, prosecco (or champagne). The drink is fancy, like some of the updos I’ll attempt. It requires a shaker and special glass. All totally worth it.

4. The Theories—Two ends of a spectrum: super fancy party-ready undo or (and) super casual throw it in a ponytail.

From Style by Marianne Moro: “An updo hairstyle involves pinning the hair on the top or sides of the head in a formal fashion. Usually reserved for special occasions like parties, weddings and funerals, the style can be adapted into a loose version for everyday wear. The most common “updo” stereotype is of a librarian with a tight bun of hair pinned on top of her head. But in the modern day updos are commonly used by teen girls at prom time, by actresses during award shows, and by everyday women who want a new look.”

By the way, I know lots of librarians and none of them wear buns. None fit a traditional “librarian” stereotype in any way, really.

5. Reactions—Although I just saw Monica at Bang, I started wearing the do up/with accessories (simple styles) the first of the month. So far not much of a reaction. Gotta admit, I’m glad Liz made a big splash with a dramatic, fun March do.

Monica spent some time time showing many ways to do updos, I hope to remember even half of them!

March with Monica

P.S. Title song: Billy Bragg from Talking With the Taxman About Poetry (“Whoops, there goes another year [whoops, there goes another pint of beer]”).

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