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This is Beth. With the December Pixie post.

1. Inspired by:

D5 Jennifer Lawrence D1 Anne Hathaway D2 Cherlize Theron D3 Emma Watson D4 Jamie Lee Curtis D6 maggie gyllenhaal beyonce hair cut D7 Michelle Williams D8 Miley Cyrus 2 D9 Natalie Portman D10 Pamela Anderson

2. Music (what happened to be playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Don’t remember much except we did hear a classic-sounding version of Let it Snow and a holiday song by Stevie Nicks.

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Went to the liquor store with good intentions of concocting a spirited seasonal cocktail based on awesome suggestions from friends (thank you Shawna, Michelle, Bill, and Melanie!), but… I had trouble finding ingredients that added up to anything and ran out of time. Ended up rushing out of Argonaut with this:

Dec Drink 1

Not bad in a pinch.

4. The Theory—Everybody knows that long hair on women is more feminine and attractive than a close-cropped do. Right? Probably as true as any stereotype. Just look at the assortment of fetching females above!

5. Reactions—Have heard some nice comments. And I get the short hair thing now – it’s easy. Though I’m still surprised sometimes when I see myself in the mirror.

Dec Pix 3

This is Beth. Unprepared to talk about the pixie, but I kinda like it so far.

dec done

(Five elements of the do to come.)

P.S. Looking forward to Liz’s December do…

This is Beth. Reporting on the November do. I liked it.

Yesterday a coworker told me I look like this guy:



Kind of a combination of these two happy looks (plus a hat):

 nov sushi bk nov 2013 cropped


P.S. I enjoyed the October mohawk too, but mostly felt like the bad guy from The Incredibles:

villain mohawk-bar cropped

P.P.S. Thanks to those who suggested December drinks! I’ll be gathering supplies today…

In March we posted a series of hair transformations, starting with New dos abound. Here’s a summer do change worth documenting:

Fran June


Fran July


Fran August


In Fran’s words: “I’m changing everything in my life- separating from my husband of 34 years, moving from a large home to a townhouse, changing my hair. Just because I can.”

Liz here, with the June do.

I wanted to go with a bolder color, but still keep some of the blonde, so for June we have the “half-and-half do.”


I also decided to go shorter, after discussing with Maggie (my hairdresser), and deciding that I would still have enough hair to finish out the year.

The prevailing consensus is that I look like “a more cheery version” of Cruella DeVil.

Cruella De Vil3

Beth’s June mullet is “business in the front; party in the back.” I like to think that my hairstyle is “2001 Pink on the right; 2013 Pink on the left.”

worst-pink-2001--large-msg-130705710171IMG_1969The 40th American Music Awards - Arrivals

I also like this cut because it looks like my”hair inspiration” for this project, Korean pop star G-Dragon. These are the looks he sported for the big “end of the year” tv concerts in 2012:


(He’s had many hairstyles–check out this image search, and let me know which ones should inspire my next do…)

This is Beth. Witnessing more amazing hair transformations.


WD blonde

The pic used to convince her mom that it was time for a change:

WD roots


WD brown hair

In Whitney’s words:

I’m not sure I like it yet, shocked every time I see my reflection! Ben likes it more, and yes–my mom does too! I have been blonde my whole life (natural as a kid, with professional help as an adult) and the maintenance was just getting to be too much; I felt like I always had horrible roots! So, in essence, this is kind of my lazy way out of having to get it done every six weeks–which, let’s be honest, is a lot of money for hair. 😉 We’ll see how I feel come summertime… 

P.S. Whitney got engaged shortly after becoming a brunette. Congratulations!

Liz here

I am finally posting about my February do, on the last day of February. (It’s a short month!)

The plan for February was to add blonde highlights. The blue from January was very tenacious, so we ended up with blonde highlights and bright blue at the bottom.


The tiny elk that I received as a birthday gift got in on the act:


Over the month, the blue slowly started to fade out, and looked like this by the end of the February:


I’ve really enjoyed the blue, and will miss it in March, especially finding blue hairs in my brush and on my clothes.


And while this may be the most under-recorded of my hair looks on the blog, it will be the most long-lived hairstyle, since this month I had to renew both my driver’s license and my passport.


The best quote of February came from the guy at the DMV: “It says green eyes and brown hair… you still want to go with that?”

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