Liz here

I am finally posting about my February do, on the last day of February. (It’s a short month!)

The plan for February was to add blonde highlights. The blue from January was very tenacious, so we ended up with blonde highlights and bright blue at the bottom.


The tiny elk that I received as a birthday gift got in on the act:


Over the month, the blue slowly started to fade out, and looked like this by the end of the February:


I’ve really enjoyed the blue, and will miss it in March, especially finding blue hairs in my brush and on my clothes.


And while this may be the most under-recorded of my hair looks on the blog, it will be the most long-lived hairstyle, since this month I had to renew both my driver’s license and my passport.


The best quote of February came from the guy at the DMV: “It says green eyes and brown hair… you still want to go with that?”