This is Beth. Last month friends and coworkers expressed some disappointment when the new do didn’t appear on the first of the month. Liz and I promise to debut new dos within the first week [JJ].

Meanwhile, I’ll continue the February theme by sharing pics of dark-haired good guys – female characters – brainstormed at the bar:

Lois Lane 1 Lois Lane 2

Princess Leia Princess Leia Organa Solo

Snow White

Wonder Woman 1 Wonder Woman 2

I plan to see Monica at Bang next week (within the first week of the month). At that time I’ll share the “five elements” of the monthly do. However, I’m revealing the plan for March now – it’s Up & Accessory month for me. That started today:

BK March 1st

Thanks to Bill (of the facial hair series), I have a hair planning tool that will come in very handy:

Hair planning tool 1 Hair planning tool 2

P.S. Some of you [JJ] may be disappointed in me this month. Perhaps up & accessories seems boring, lame, a bit of a cop out. I’ll try to keep it interesting; I hope I can make it up to you later in the year; I think Liz might reveal a more dramatic March do (!).