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This is Beth. Last month friends and coworkers expressed some disappointment when the new do didn’t appear on the first of the month. Liz and I promise to debut new dos within the first week [JJ].

Meanwhile, I’ll continue the February theme by sharing pics of dark-haired good guys – female characters – brainstormed at the bar:

Lois Lane 1 Lois Lane 2

Princess Leia Princess Leia Organa Solo

Snow White

Wonder Woman 1 Wonder Woman 2

I plan to see Monica at Bang next week (within the first week of the month). At that time I’ll share the “five elements” of the monthly do. However, I’m revealing the plan for March now – it’s Up & Accessory month for me. That started today:

BK March 1st

Thanks to Bill (of the facial hair series), I have a hair planning tool that will come in very handy:

Hair planning tool 1 Hair planning tool 2

P.S. Some of you [JJ] may be disappointed in me this month. Perhaps up & accessories seems boring, lame, a bit of a cop out. I’ll try to keep it interesting; I hope I can make it up to you later in the year; I think Liz might reveal a more dramatic March do (!).

This is Beth. Reporting on February Dark.

It was dramatic enough to elicit several “I didn’t recognize you”s. That’s as mysterious as I got.

Feb fun

I also heard, “You look like a different person” more than once. It made me think of Billy Joel’s The Stranger.

Billy Joel The Stranger

“They’re the faces [hair] of the stranger but we love to try them on.”

The “You remind me of”s amused me: Charlie’s Angels, Jersey Girl, Bono’s Sister (if he had one), and Madonna in Like a Prayer.

Charlies Angels hair Jersey Girl hair BonoMadonna like a prayer hair

Friends sent me examples of dark hair:

Amy Winehouse Gina Gershon Idina Menzel "Take This Waltz" After Party - 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

Jewish celebrities (apparently a “type” some find attractive).


black hair cat


P.S. Thanks to fabulous February guest bloggers

BEC hair n beer MRJ end Feb Karen

and baby


P.P.S. Random comb-on-the-street shot for February:

Comb Feb

This is Beth. And this is a little friend who has lots of dark hair.


Her mom told me that when she was born instead of saying, “It’s a girl,” they said, “Look at all that hair!”


She had her first haircut recently.

NW cut 1 NW cut 2

Did Angel cry? Nope, she loved the attention. Quite the diva said Mama (who also didn’t cry as anticipated).

P.S. The professional kid haircutter recommended no bangs – little-girl bangs tend to grow out into little-girl mullets in a few months. Mama agreed, dodged one there. I may not be so lucky in a few months.

This is Beth. As promised, February features friends with dark hair. First up, Kate and Kate—both work at a neighboring museum, both like beverages.

two dark hair kates 1 two dark hair kates 2


two dark hair kates 3

This is Beth. Over the years my hair has varied fairly dramatically in color—browns, reddish-browns (purplish to orangish), light browns—but I’m new to the very dark. And I wonder (here with very dark dye):

Feb color

How dark is very dark? At what point does brown become black? Does “brunette” include very dark, black hair?

SV BEC you decide

You decide.

This is Beth. And it’s February.

1. The Do—Dark. Very dark. Inspired by famous females with shadowy tresses:

Alanis MorissetteAmerica FerreraAngela BassettAudrey HepburnCatherine Zeta JonesCherDiana RossIsabella RosselliniJennifer HudsonJoan CollinsKaty PerryLea MicheleLucy LiuNatalie WoodNaya RiveraPadma LakshmiSandra OhZooey Deschanel

New this month: inspiration from closer to home—friend and colleague Andrea generously gave me permission to share her image:


(Pics of others I know who have very dark hair to come in future posts.)

I’ll be doing my take on a very dark do soft & wavy most of the month, if the hair cooperates.

2. Music (what was playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: music plays all the time at Bang, I don’t get to pick do-appropriate songs. This time what I heard, noticed, remember: Marvin Gaye Let’s Get It On and Al Green Let’s Stay Together. Like.

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: I do get to choose the do-appropriate drink—I bring the mixin’s and mix. This time, Black Russian, the tall/dirty variety.

Feb drink mixin's Feb drinkin' Feb drink color card

Ice/Kahlua/vodka. A splash of cola makes it tall and/or dirty. Yum.

4. The Theory—Mysterious. Exotic. Stereotypes include: stormy, intense, angry.

5. Reactions—I’m pretty sure I can’t pull off exotic, we’ll see…

Feb done2

P.S. Title song: Led Zeppelin’s The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair (I do declare, yeah, she’s got long black wavy hair).

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