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This is Beth. Readying for the final cut Wednesday, wondering what to drink. Suggestions please…

What I consumed previous months:

January – whiskey & ginger:

Jan drink mixin's

February – tall dark Russian:

Feb drink mixin's

March: Bellini martini:

March mixin's

April – red wine:

April drink fixin's

May – rum & coke:

May shag drink mixins

June – PBR:


July – gin & tonic:

July G&T

August – kitchen-sink punch:

Aug drink 1

September – last-minute wine:

sept drink

October – whiskey. straight:

Oct drink

November – sounded-good bloody mary:

nov drink

December – It’s gonna end up pretty darn short!

This is Beth. As promised, February features friends with dark hair. First up, Kate and Kate—both work at a neighboring museum, both like beverages.

two dark hair kates 1 two dark hair kates 2


two dark hair kates 3

This is Beth. Dos start SOON. The blogging continues.

My process will include five components:

1. The do

2. The doing-of-the-do Music

3. The doing-of-the-do Drink

4. The theory behind the do (a stereotype to test)

5. Reactions – of friends and strangers recorded all month

Also – ongoing hair-related observations, guests posts, and of course – Liz dos.


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