This is Beth. Reporting on February Dark.

It was dramatic enough to elicit several “I didn’t recognize you”s. That’s as mysterious as I got.

Feb fun

I also heard, “You look like a different person” more than once. It made me think of Billy Joel’s The Stranger.

Billy Joel The Stranger

“They’re the faces [hair] of the stranger but we love to try them on.”

The “You remind me of”s amused me: Charlie’s Angels, Jersey Girl, Bono’s Sister (if he had one), and Madonna in Like a Prayer.

Charlies Angels hair Jersey Girl hair BonoMadonna like a prayer hair

Friends sent me examples of dark hair:

Amy Winehouse Gina Gershon Idina Menzel "Take This Waltz" After Party - 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

Jewish celebrities (apparently a “type” some find attractive).


black hair cat


P.S. Thanks to fabulous February guest bloggers

BEC hair n beer MRJ end Feb Karen

and baby


P.P.S. Random comb-on-the-street shot for February:

Comb Feb