This is Beth. The little hair/blog project has spurred more-than-usual self reflection. A recent article about the “end of history illusion” further fueled my thoughts.

It says, basically, that most of us have a pretty good idea of how we’ve changed from who we were in the past into the person we are today. However, most folks don’t have much of a concept of how much we’ll continue to change in the future.

I’m 44.

I know I’m a very different person than I was at 24. I was… shy. Now I’m much more of a geek. The kind of geek defined here by Simon Pegg, reposted from George Takei by a friend on Facebook:

Simon Pegg being a geek George Takei

Evidence – the little hair/blog project.

Who will I be at 64? Will I keep changing in the same direction? Or revert back to quiet and private? And what will my hair look like?!?

P.S. The loves of my life are my babes (happy birthday!). I probably wouldn’t have predicted them when I was 24. When I’m 64 they’ll turn 27. I do know of the future that I’ll still love them, other family, and good friends. Some of those friends have been around since well before my 24th birthday, others appeared more recently. What newer friends will I have by the time I’m 64? And about the elusive life partner…? Isn’t that what The Beatles song is really about?

P.P.S. Link to the song. And a version with ukulele and dog.