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Liz here.

At the end of 2013, our book group was discussing our “Three Words for 2014.” Mine were “grow, grow and grow.” I’m not sure how well I’ve done on the personal growth front, but the hair growth has definitely proceeded, if slower than I like.

Here’s the 2014 Hair Year in Review:

January: Lizard Mohawk to Fauxhawk

The first month of 2015 was all about getting the mohawk to grow out (and seeing how much gray I actually have!)

jan 2014 IMG_3282

February-March-April: Spring Green

I was a little sad that I didn’t do green in the big hair year, so February started out with a dark green:


That was much more minty by March:

march 2014 march 2014 2


And nearly gone by April:


May-June-July: Red and Growing

I decided to go read again, and got another trim.

IMG_3426 IMG_3431


Looking back and the pictures, the summer was a fruitful hair growing season, because this picture was in early June:

june 2014 

And this one was in late July:


August-September-October-November: Back to brown and growing, growing, growing.

By the end of summer, I went back to something close to my natural brown, and endured/enjoyed variations on the curly-puff, almost-afro, as my hair got longer and longer, but still wanted to stick up.

august 2014IMG_3941


December: Burgundy and almost grown?

Did a quick dye job with some off-the shelf ‘Burgundy.” It’s finally long enough it hangs more than it sticks up.

IMG_4133 IMG_4135

It even hangs from under my hat, which was not the case a year ago! So lots of growing, but still a bit more to go

2015 Hair Goals:

1. To be able to pull it back into a ponytail when I work out.

2. More fun colors.

3. Straighten it again, temporary extensions maybe?






Happy 2014! Thanks to everyone who voted in the big end of year poll, here are the top  looks for 2013:


1.  December- Pixie (34 votes)

dec done

2. October- Mohawk (21 votes)

bk oct fb

3. May- Shag (10 votes)

May shag fb


1. October- Red and short (32 votes)

photo 4 (2)

2. December-Lizard mohawk (24 votes)


3. August-Rainbow swirl (9 votes)



1. May- longer and longer (19 votes)


2. Three-way tie! (7 votes each)

July-long enough to pull back


October- two more months to go

December- “can I cut it yet?” 
Soccer Mom


Thank you to everyone who has come along on this journey!  You’ve listened to our hair adventures and shared your hair stories–here on the blog and in person. You all have lots of opinions on the different styles, and  now that the year is almost at an end, it’s time to vote on your favorite ‘dos! 

Beth’s Best Hair  (Review the ‘dos here.)

Liz’s picks: “My number one favorite hairstyle that Beth had this year was the fierce mohawk, and I’m not just saying that because I have one now. It looked awesome spiky and straight, curly, and flattened out. My second favorite was the shag,  which was a different look.  I loved the hairstyles that made Beth look like the rock star  that she is!”

Michelle’s picks: “Have to agree with Liz on the mohawk.  I was almost as nervous ahead of time about that one as for the mullet!  But it turned out great.  Monica, Beth’s hairdresser, and Beth are both rock stars!  That girl can sport a mohawk and still look sexy.  Tied for the mohawk is the pixie. Again, Beth surprises.  She looks stunning in that short do – in fact, yesterday a stranger told her she looked Hollywood!”

Vote for your top three:

Liz’s Best Hair (Review the ‘dos here.)

Beth’s picks: “Liz rocks the Lizard – it sums up how incredibly bold and full of personality she is. She set her sights on that do from the start and ultimately executed it with flair. However, my favorite Liz do would have to be… well, can I vote for all of summertime? I loved June’s half-and-half, July’s tricolor, and August’s four-color swirl. And her trip to KCON captures the brilliant fun side of this whole hair blog project.”

Michelle’s picks: “Hate to be a dittohead, but yep, Beth’s right.  Liz is the only person I know who would even think about doing the Lizard.  And then, she went and did it.  And it looks awesome!  I, too, loved all the crazy color months but I think Liz looks amazing in October with that deep red color.  It shows some of the little devil inside her.”

Vote for your top three: 

Michelle’s Best Hair (Review the do’s here)

Liz’s pick: “I’m going to go with month five– that was sweet spot of the same length front and back, cute!”

Beth’s pick: “Michelle may be the strongest, most committed person I know. She vowed to let her hair grow for a year and she did it, no matter how uncomfortable it got. I think the process proved much more painful for her than it was for Liz or me and she endured – the only grower-outer to make it to the finish line. Bravo. My favorite was midyear – Month 7: Colorado Hair. It was just becoming unbearable for her by that point, but looked great! And it was July – warm and sunny, and she was blonde and smiling. Nice!”

Vote for your top three:

Liz here,

When Beth and I first cooked up this project in November, 2012, I started doing image searches to figure out what I wanted to do. One of my searches led me to an awesome pinterest board “Cute, sexy, awesome hair.”  I was scanning through the amazing blue, purple, and rainbow-hued do’s, but there was one that immediately caught my eye:


I have a long-standing love for all things lizard (from a childhood/HS nickname of “Lizard”), so when I first met with my stylist Maggie last December, I showed her the picture of the guy on the far left. “I’m open to all kinds of cuts and colors,” I said, “but I definitely want to do the lizard mohawk.”


Maggie said ok, and recommended that we close out the year with the mohawk, since there wouldn’t be much hair to work with afterwards. A few times during the year, she did ask me “are you sure you don’t want to try a different mohawk? like that guy from JPL?” (he is awesome!)


But I had my sights set on the lizard do, and Maggie was convinced.  We started out with some lizard clipart, and Maggie sized it and made a paper template.

0511-0810-0715-3646_Lizard_Silhouette_clipart_image IMG_3052

Maggie shaved around the template (with a second person holding down the paper.)


I did have a little bit of a quiet freakout when the sides of my head were fully shaved (not to mention having supershort hair in the middle of an historic cold snap.)  All in all, it turned out fantastic:

IMG_3069 photo 1 (3) (One toe had to be eliminated and two toes on another foot were merged into one.)

IMG_3074IMG_3065We had some “eye stickers” leftover from a craft at work, which added some personality to the lizard.

89509111314737296_aTt0DzYF_c  IMG_3067Pretty dang close to the ideal version! (My only regret is that I forgot to save a “tail”, but that’s what clip-in braids from Claire’s are for!)

Liz here, and time for the November hair.

Now that we are looking ahead to the longer winter nights, it seemed appropriate to go dark. The plan was to go with a dark brown, and I was feeling a little bit sad that I might have “normal” hair again for the month. Fortunately, the hair coloring had other ideas.


How much more black could my hair be? and the answer is none. None more black.


Hard to believe this is already month 11. The last time I wore this dress was in the spring,  I looked down and thought “whose blonde hair is that?” and realized that it was mine, from the April platinum do.

Liz here,

October and autumn are here, and the leaves are starting to change colors.

In honor of fall colors, this month is red, short, and once again curly!

photo 1 (4)

It reminds me of that red that goes with cinnamon flavors:


photo 5

But everyone has different associations. My mother thinks I look like Little Orphan Annie:

ANN_annie~sandy_shoulders_c [Converted]

People at work said Carrot Top and Ronald McDonald :

carrot_top  McDonald's Characters

As always, there’s a k-pop connection for this month’s hair. Rapper P.O. from the group Block B, showed up with this hair style at their concert on October 3. I got m hair done on October 3. Time zones, yada yada, but I’m going to say that I set the trend this time.


Mostly, I’m very excited that my hair is capable of curling again!

photo 4 (2)

Liz here,

When I left work for my hair appointment on Thursday, this is how my hair (and Beth’s hair) looked.


Maggie (my stylist) and I had decided that for the fall we’d be going back to more natural colors.  After we took this photo, I told Beth “I think my hair is going to be a similar color”, but I don’t think we realized that it would all play out like the plot of the 1992 thriller “Single White Female.”



Who is who?


Beth changed shirts so it wouldn’t be weird in our meeting with external contractors.


When I was at Double Dutch on Thursday, Maggie brought out the crazy hair color swatch book.  So many options, and only 3 more dos!


The traveling comb had further adventures in Los Angeles.

Checking out the classical architecture and art at the Getty Villa:

IMG_2456 IMG_2458

Enjoying the views at Griffith Park:

IMG_2468 IMG_2469

Brush with Hollywood fame: Mario Lopez filming an episode of Extra!IMG_2471

Learning about Ice Age LA at the La Brea Tar Pits:IMG_2479

Modern Art at LACMA:

IMG_2480 IMG_2485

Drinking delicious iced coffee concoctions:

IMG_2489  IMG_2467

Sunbathing on the edge of the Pacific. (And thinking longingly of Hawaii.)


Liz here,

This past weekend, I got to experience up close one of my big inspirations for the hair project when I attended KCON in Los Angeles.

KCON (short for “Korean Convention”) is a two-day festival of Korean pop culture, and 2013 is only the 2nd year they’ve held it.


The big draw was the concert on Sunday night which featured several different K-Pop groups.  Two of the biggest draws for the concert are also my hair heroes:



And the 12 member group, EXO:

images (1) IMG_23761010755_594074890614836_2006037293_n

Sadly, G-Dragon and EXO are pretty boring hair-wise at the moment (basic platinum is K-Pop “boring.”) Fortunately, new group Teen Top stepped up to the plate with some fantastic hair. It looked even better in the gold lamé ensembles that they wore when performing.


There was also lots of time on Saturday and Sunday to go to panels, wait in line for silly prizes (free ramen cups! flashing green ears!), pick up Korean BBQ at food trucks, and most importantly, people watch! There was so much fantastic hair:

IMG_2415 IMG_2448

IMG_2417 IMG_2418


IMG_2445 IMG_2446

IMG_2447 IMG_2443

This was only a tiny, tiny fraction of the amazing, fun hair on display! The video recap has a few more excellent examples:

Who knows what my hair will be like in 2014, but I might have to check out KCON again, just to see what’s happening in the colorful world of K-Pop hair.

Liz here,

I’ve seen so many hair stories online and around this month. Maybe I’m just noticing them, but I like to think that Beth and I are trend-setters!

First off: this piece says that bobs are the cut that flatter EVERY woman. Beth and Monica are leading the way, so take that, Keira Kneightly!


Next: Willow Smith got her hair “tie-dyed”. Eh, it’s only the tips, but I’ll give Willow credit for doing more crazy things with her hair.


Then: Oprah wore a giant Afro wig for the cover of her magazine, which took seven (7!!!) bags of hair!


In other hair news: Beyonce got her hair cut, then added hair back in.


Everyone is doing hairblogs! Check out the “How’d Your Hair Get Like That” blog in the Denver Post style section.  All August, Francie Swidler is featuring different folks and their hair stories. Very cool!

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