Liz here,

October and autumn are here, and the leaves are starting to change colors.

In honor of fall colors, this month is red, short, and once again curly!

photo 1 (4)

It reminds me of that red that goes with cinnamon flavors:


photo 5

But everyone has different associations. My mother thinks I look like Little Orphan Annie:

ANN_annie~sandy_shoulders_c [Converted]

People at work said Carrot Top and Ronald McDonald :

carrot_top  McDonald's Characters

As always, there’s a k-pop connection for this month’s hair. Rapper P.O. from the group Block B, showed up with this hair style at their concert on October 3. I got m hair done on October 3. Time zones, yada yada, but I’m going to say that I set the trend this time.


Mostly, I’m very excited that my hair is capable of curling again!

photo 4 (2)