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Liz here,

This past weekend, I got to experience up close one of my big inspirations for the hair project when I attended KCON in Los Angeles.

KCON (short for “Korean Convention”) is a two-day festival of Korean pop culture, and 2013 is only the 2nd year they’ve held it.


The big draw was the concert on Sunday night which featured several different K-Pop groups.  Two of the biggest draws for the concert are also my hair heroes:



And the 12 member group, EXO:

images (1) IMG_23761010755_594074890614836_2006037293_n

Sadly, G-Dragon and EXO are pretty boring hair-wise at the moment (basic platinum is K-Pop “boring.”) Fortunately, new group Teen Top stepped up to the plate with some fantastic hair. It looked even better in the gold lamé ensembles that they wore when performing.


There was also lots of time on Saturday and Sunday to go to panels, wait in line for silly prizes (free ramen cups! flashing green ears!), pick up Korean BBQ at food trucks, and most importantly, people watch! There was so much fantastic hair:

IMG_2415 IMG_2448

IMG_2417 IMG_2418


IMG_2445 IMG_2446

IMG_2447 IMG_2443

This was only a tiny, tiny fraction of the amazing, fun hair on display! The video recap has a few more excellent examples:

Who knows what my hair will be like in 2014, but I might have to check out KCON again, just to see what’s happening in the colorful world of K-Pop hair.

Liz here catching up for May (a bit late).

I decided to keep the platinum blonde, and then play around with lots of temporary hair colors.

photo 2 (1)


If you haven’t tried “color bugs” or “hair chalks”, they are a ton of fun. (The cheaper ones do come off more on your clothes and hands, and tend to stay in your hair longer.) Despite color names like “midnight blue” and “crimson”, they always came out as pastel.

We were teaching a lot of classes for school groups at work this month, and I got lots of “I like your hair” compliments from the kids. Also, it was handy that the students could easily identify me. Instead of being one of the 5 ladies with short brown hair, I was the “pink and blue-haired” teacher.

Here’s a run down of the month:


050313 a

May 3- a few tentative lime green and pink stripes

050813 b

May 7- the attempt to do separate orange streaks just turned into crazy orange.

050913 a

May 9- trying some blue on the top and bottom


May 10- much more success with the streaks. There’s still some orange left in there.

051213 b

May 12- Purple for the Prince concert!

051613 c

May 16- I tired to saturate one side with blue, but this is a few days later and a bit hard to see.

051713 d

May 17- orange and green. I was compared to an Italian flag.

052013 b

May 20- purple on top with lime green tips.

052313 a

May 23- an attempt at multi-color streaks. I was told that someone who looked down at me from the balcony at work asked “what’s up with Liz’s hair?!”

053013 a

May 30-pink saturation. Actually, the color said “crimson.”


June 3- I forgot to take a photo, but this is an approximation of the purple to blonde to bright green. The green always looked terrible after a day.


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