Thank you to everyone who has come along on this journey!  You’ve listened to our hair adventures and shared your hair stories–here on the blog and in person. You all have lots of opinions on the different styles, and  now that the year is almost at an end, it’s time to vote on your favorite ‘dos! 

Beth’s Best Hair  (Review the ‘dos here.)

Liz’s picks: “My number one favorite hairstyle that Beth had this year was the fierce mohawk, and I’m not just saying that because I have one now. It looked awesome spiky and straight, curly, and flattened out. My second favorite was the shag,  which was a different look.  I loved the hairstyles that made Beth look like the rock star  that she is!”

Michelle’s picks: “Have to agree with Liz on the mohawk.  I was almost as nervous ahead of time about that one as for the mullet!  But it turned out great.  Monica, Beth’s hairdresser, and Beth are both rock stars!  That girl can sport a mohawk and still look sexy.  Tied for the mohawk is the pixie. Again, Beth surprises.  She looks stunning in that short do – in fact, yesterday a stranger told her she looked Hollywood!”

Vote for your top three:

Liz’s Best Hair (Review the ‘dos here.)

Beth’s picks: “Liz rocks the Lizard – it sums up how incredibly bold and full of personality she is. She set her sights on that do from the start and ultimately executed it with flair. However, my favorite Liz do would have to be… well, can I vote for all of summertime? I loved June’s half-and-half, July’s tricolor, and August’s four-color swirl. And her trip to KCON captures the brilliant fun side of this whole hair blog project.”

Michelle’s picks: “Hate to be a dittohead, but yep, Beth’s right.  Liz is the only person I know who would even think about doing the Lizard.  And then, she went and did it.  And it looks awesome!  I, too, loved all the crazy color months but I think Liz looks amazing in October with that deep red color.  It shows some of the little devil inside her.”

Vote for your top three: 

Michelle’s Best Hair (Review the do’s here)

Liz’s pick: “I’m going to go with month five– that was sweet spot of the same length front and back, cute!”

Beth’s pick: “Michelle may be the strongest, most committed person I know. She vowed to let her hair grow for a year and she did it, no matter how uncomfortable it got. I think the process proved much more painful for her than it was for Liz or me and she endured – the only grower-outer to make it to the finish line. Bravo. My favorite was midyear – Month 7: Colorado Hair. It was just becoming unbearable for her by that point, but looked great! And it was July – warm and sunny, and she was blonde and smiling. Nice!”

Vote for your top three: