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Liz here

For August, I wanted to go crazy with the color, so we did more shades of pink and purple, and added orange.

IMG_2275 IMG_2277


If last month was a fruity Neapolitan look, this month is Rainbow Sherbet.

tumblr_lhko4z9XQA1qhbpkao1_500  images


Maggie also cut it short, and did a razor cut before we colored it, and the remains of the July colors on the salon floor were pretty striking:

IMG_2271  IMG_2272

Still getting lots of comments from folks, including the Fedex delivery woman and the cashier at Target.

Liz here,

Catching up on July, when we added a big swath of purple to the magenta-platinum combination.


I think it looked a little bit like a vanilla-raspberry-blackberry version of Neapolitan Ice Cream.

IMG_2264  IMG_2223

It actually looked the best from the back:

IMG_2080 IMG_2250IMG_2059

I got a lot more comments with the tri-color hair in July than I did with the two-tone hair in June.

-6 year old in line at aiport security to his mom: “Hey, wacky hair!”

-clerk at car rental place: “It’s patriotic: red white and blue”

-guy at the rental car exit: “I like your hair.”

-clerk at the new grocery store: “I’m trying to get my girlfriend to move here from Georgia, and she says she’ll only do it she can have pink hair here, so I’m going to tell her that I saw you.”

-clerk at the return desk at Walmart: “I like your hair”, and a few minutes later my mother said: “I think you get better customer service because of your hair.”

-my friend Laura: “You look like My Pretty Pony…no Poochie!” (I had to look up Poochie.)


-also lots of random comments of “hey beautiful” from men on the street, from panhandlers at 12th and Broadway, to delivery guys when I was in New York City. Which was mostly entertaining.

Liz here,

One of the risks of putting your photos online, whether it’s on a blog, facebook, or another public site, is that if something bad-or even something good–happens to you, one of those photos will probably end up all over the local news, or CNN, or printed on signs carried by angry protesters.

With that in mind, I’m going to be proactive and suggest this photo from June to use in emergency situations:


Liz here, bringing you the first in a series of short posts on my heroines and heroes of hair.

“Hairoine #1” is M.I.A. In her new video for “Bring the Noize”, she wears netted extensions and fantastic, long pink hair. Enjoy, and send me your suggestions for hairoines and hairoes.

Liz here, with the June do.

I wanted to go with a bolder color, but still keep some of the blonde, so for June we have the “half-and-half do.”


I also decided to go shorter, after discussing with Maggie (my hairdresser), and deciding that I would still have enough hair to finish out the year.

The prevailing consensus is that I look like “a more cheery version” of Cruella DeVil.

Cruella De Vil3

Beth’s June mullet is “business in the front; party in the back.” I like to think that my hairstyle is “2001 Pink on the right; 2013 Pink on the left.”

worst-pink-2001--large-msg-130705710171IMG_1969The 40th American Music Awards - Arrivals

I also like this cut because it looks like my”hair inspiration” for this project, Korean pop star G-Dragon. These are the looks he sported for the big “end of the year” tv concerts in 2012:


(He’s had many hairstyles–check out this image search, and let me know which ones should inspire my next do…)

Liz here catching up for May (a bit late).

I decided to keep the platinum blonde, and then play around with lots of temporary hair colors.

photo 2 (1)


If you haven’t tried “color bugs” or “hair chalks”, they are a ton of fun. (The cheaper ones do come off more on your clothes and hands, and tend to stay in your hair longer.) Despite color names like “midnight blue” and “crimson”, they always came out as pastel.

We were teaching a lot of classes for school groups at work this month, and I got lots of “I like your hair” compliments from the kids. Also, it was handy that the students could easily identify me. Instead of being one of the 5 ladies with short brown hair, I was the “pink and blue-haired” teacher.

Here’s a run down of the month:


050313 a

May 3- a few tentative lime green and pink stripes

050813 b

May 7- the attempt to do separate orange streaks just turned into crazy orange.

050913 a

May 9- trying some blue on the top and bottom


May 10- much more success with the streaks. There’s still some orange left in there.

051213 b

May 12- Purple for the Prince concert!

051613 c

May 16- I tired to saturate one side with blue, but this is a few days later and a bit hard to see.

051713 d

May 17- orange and green. I was compared to an Italian flag.

052013 b

May 20- purple on top with lime green tips.

052313 a

May 23- an attempt at multi-color streaks. I was told that someone who looked down at me from the balcony at work asked “what’s up with Liz’s hair?!”

053013 a

May 30-pink saturation. Actually, the color said “crimson.”


June 3- I forgot to take a photo, but this is an approximation of the purple to blonde to bright green. The green always looked terrible after a day.


Here’s a crazy hair idea via




Seasonal produce might have to be the theme for 2014.

April! For the fourth month of the project, I decided to emulate some of the ambitious, overachieving blondes that I admire:

leslie-knope-photograph_440x355  game_of_thrones_s3_daenerys

Am I pulling it off?

20130405-181200.jpg april braids

Reactions so far:

“Oh my god!”

“Jesus Christ”

“Where’s Liz?….OH!”

“Parece que es de California” (She looks like she’s from California.)















Celebrities and their constant hair changes were one of the inspirations for this project and blog.  The curly/straight change-up seems to be one of the biggest hair transformations, and the internet is full of comparisons of famous ladies sporting both styles. Check out this list, and this one is good, too.

Which looks better?

ScreenHunter_53 Mar. 29 19.12ScreenHunter_50 Mar. 29 19.10

Silky smooth looks so put together and classy, but curls are fun and fierce.ScreenHunter_52 Mar. 29 19.11ScreenHunter_49 Mar. 29 19.10

So tough to choose!

March has ended, and the April “do” is still 2 days away.

Why not have the best of both worlds?

photo 4.1.13

I have always identified as a “curly-haired” person. Even when my hair was at its straightest, it was struggling to curl:


I  have embraced my curls, and how well they enable my “wash and air dry” (aka lazy) lifestyle.

For March, I decided to take on the great frontier: straight hair.

photo 2 photo 3

With more blonde thrown in for good measure:

IMG_1766 photo 4

It’s certainly been a dramatic change since a friend who has known me for 17 years didn’t recognize me from the front, another friend (of 30+ years) didn’t recognize me from the back, and I don’t recognize myself every time I look in a mirror!

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