Celebrities and their constant hair changes were one of the inspirations for this project and blog.  The curly/straight change-up seems to be one of the biggest hair transformations, and the internet is full of comparisons of famous ladies sporting both styles. Check out this list, and this one is good, too.

Which looks better?

ScreenHunter_53 Mar. 29 19.12ScreenHunter_50 Mar. 29 19.10

Silky smooth looks so put together and classy, but curls are fun and fierce.ScreenHunter_52 Mar. 29 19.11ScreenHunter_49 Mar. 29 19.10

So tough to choose!

March has ended, and the April “do” is still 2 days away.

Why not have the best of both worlds?

photo 4.1.13