Liz here,

Catching up on July, when we added a big swath of purple to the magenta-platinum combination.


I think it looked a little bit like a vanilla-raspberry-blackberry version of Neapolitan Ice Cream.

IMG_2264  IMG_2223

It actually looked the best from the back:

IMG_2080 IMG_2250IMG_2059

I got a lot more comments with the tri-color hair in July than I did with the two-tone hair in June.

-6 year old in line at aiport security to his mom: “Hey, wacky hair!”

-clerk at car rental place: “It’s patriotic: red white and blue”

-guy at the rental car exit: “I like your hair.”

-clerk at the new grocery store: “I’m trying to get my girlfriend to move here from Georgia, and she says she’ll only do it she can have pink hair here, so I’m going to tell her that I saw you.”

-clerk at the return desk at Walmart: “I like your hair”, and a few minutes later my mother said: “I think you get better customer service because of your hair.”

-my friend Laura: “You look like My Pretty Pony…no Poochie!” (I had to look up Poochie.)


-also lots of random comments of “hey beautiful” from men on the street, from panhandlers at 12th and Broadway, to delivery guys when I was in New York City. Which was mostly entertaining.