(As the month ends, the reporting begins.)

This is Beth. Reflecting.

Jan nother

Starting the little hair/blog project—I’d already published 17 posts by the day of the first do. Who knew I’d feel the need to write so much? Blogging=interesting outlet. I also captured the pre-January do – here with Kara and Michelle:

Jan start emrj park

Funny, one sports similar start style, the other closer to what I might end up with at year end.

Do done and documented—Fabulous photographer Neal brought equipment to work to capture the January Orange:

beth 4 low res

Neal shot a couple other coworkers too, unfortunately Liz had the Eisenhower Tunnel as model that day. (Yes, Liz helped photo I-70 sites including the tunnel for an upcoming exhibit; they even stopped traffic.)

A less experienced photographer took my new Facebook pic:

Jan Red fb

At at Jane’s request, I tried going curly for a weekend. Not so great.

Jan curly

The January hair reminded me of some foods, for example:

red cheetos

Mid month color boost The orange seemed to be fading fast so I got myself over to Bang. They call it a gloss. Monica recommended “Curry” with a little bit of something else mixed in… The result was still in the fiery red zone, darker:

Jan mid month red

A nice change to get me through to the new February do (debuting within the first week of the month).

P.S. Thanks to Mana, Jack, and babes for snapshot taking. Special thanks to Neal for expert photo taking:

Neal 3

P.P.S. Special thanks also to January guest bloggers Michelle and Bill!

MRJ end Jan  Bill bar