This is Michelle.  I’m not one of the 24 dos duo but I will be writing occasionally.  When Beth told me she was doing this, I immediately thought I should grow my hair out. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a new do. I told my husband, Brad, and we agreed we might try it together.  Why not? Someone said, “It’s just hair. You can always grow it out.” Well, in our case, you can always cut it off. And that, of course, is the first question: Can we do this? Will we last?  Frankly, it’s already a bit painful.

Here is what we looked like recently.  Picture us without the fancy garb and makeup and that is pretty much who we are.

Late 2011 Look

We’ve been growing our hair beyond the maximum of our normal length for a few weeks.  This stage is not always pretty as anyone who has grown short hair out knows.  I alternate between Dennis the Menace and what I call Rooster looks.  Today I kind of like it – spiky and messy.  That’s my style, which with my hair is much easier super short.

January Look

Some people, maybe even some of you, say we look alike or we go together.  I’ve heard that if you are together long enough you’ll look alike; there are even studies about it.  In these two pictures, yeah, I think we do look alike.  But we haven’t always.

In this picture from over twenty years ago, we look pretty different but happy! Look at those young pups.  In a year, will I have long golden curly locks and could Brad have brown hair again?  This seems unlikely.


Note: Beth took this photo, my favorite from our wedding day

Questions on my mind today:

  • Again, can we do this?
  • How will the greys look when longer?
  • Does Brad still have curly hair?
  • Is there a guy’s long hairstyle that looks good?
  • Will we save money?
  • Whose hair will grow faster?
  • Why are we doing this?