Michelle here at month four, a third of the way through this year of growth.  This month comments ranged from “your hair got so long” to “I thought your hair would be a lot longer.”  So, let’s do a check-in.  Here is what I looked like in January.  Please note the beautiful weather…


Here’s what I look like now in snowy cold April.  That’s some pretty serious hair growth.


Brad is maintaining. He’s reluctant to go further but it’s unlikely he’ll return to the super short hair of 2012 and before.  Look at those lovely locks.


It’s still not all rosy.  I look kind of crazy in the morning.


And sometimes when others say it looks great, I do things like this: hide my hair under my scarf and say “I look like a babka.”  And my friends correct me, “No, a babushka.”

photo 2

Anyway, I’m having fun and I’m sticking it out. My hairstylist Lynette went back to bald:


Is this me in January 2014?