This is Beth. Michelle (good friend and guest blogger here) sent me a link to an article about the “Karlie” or the “Chop” – the cut of the moment, or perhaps the whole year. Lots of good stuff in there:

Karlie Kloss, the twenty-year-old model who can claim one of the names of the cut was quoted as saying, “having short hair ‘actually takes the focus off your hair and puts the focus on you. I’m starting to realize that it’s all about confidence.'” Yay confidence, no matter how you get there.

Karlie Kloss

Hairstylist Garren Defazio said, “I gave her a personality by cutting it.” Maybe I’m taking that out of context, but still.

And, “He is emphatic that it’s neither a bob nor a shag, but a one-length cut with a slight layer in the front.” In the pics of famous people with “similar” cuts I see much variation. Probably because I don’t have a trained eye. Might ask Monica about it.

And from the haircutter, “Short hair is in.” Unfortunately, I’ll be well in the shadow of the trend by the time I get that short (gotta save a little length to make it through the whole year).

Seems the new year has inspired others to redo dos as well. “Even the singer Kylie Minogue rang in the new year with a picture of a new, shorter cut and the message posted on Twitter: ‘New Year. New Haircut. Hello 2013.’” New and old:

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue2

Also from the article, “In a strange twist, Ms. Kloss recently walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, where she was given extensions to simulate long, wavy hair.”

Finally, “A Huffington Post headline asked ‘Karlie Kloss’ Haircut: The Next ’Rachel’?’ referring to Jennifer Aniston’s Friends-era layered cut.” That’s a style I did back in the day. Makes me think of naming hairstyles after people and the Dorothy Hamill, which I learned through Goggle is a wedge:

Dorothy Hamill Dorothy Hamill2the wedge

Hum… might that be one of the 2013 dos?

In other hair-related news this week, Michelle Obama (another Michelle I greatly admire) got bangs:

Michelle Obama bangs