Bill again. Occasionally, my previous calling as an old-timey interpreter provided an incentive to beard up. Here are some samples from the 1990s:

Bill vintage1 Bill vintage2

Mostly, my facial hair served to distract from the ridiculous Old Timey costumes I was wearing. And compared to real old-timey guys, my bristles were pretty tame. Here’s one example:


Did this guy really go into battle with that ‘stache?

I grew my current beard back in 2004 because I kept getting cast as an extra in Old West re-enactments for the History Channel. On one about the OK Corral, I was supposed to play Sheriff Johnny Behan, who looked like this:

Sheriff Johnny Behan

But I actually looked like this:

Bill sheriff

The other re-enactors laughed me out of Tombstone until I sprouted some facial hair.