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Remembering summer with more pics from a friend who took a comb along on vacation.

Book store. Where else would the historian be?

aug erin comb 1

And cheese factory, overlooking hair nets.

aug erin comb 2

It’s summertime, time for vacation. Like Michelle, many of us traveled in July. Bill (of the facial hair series) provided colorful documentation of his Hawaiian adventures, with comb:

hawaii 1 hawaii 2 hawaii 3 hawaii 4 hawaii 5 hawaii 6

Aloha! (Thanks Bill)

This is Beth. With reactions to the “mullet.” It didn’t come across as a mullet. I couldn’t tell if folks were more disappointed that I tried to do a mullet or that I failed.

The first pic I posted on facebook met with “pretty!” responses.

Mullet 1

May have confirmed the stereotype: long hair = pretty.

These pics were deemed slightly more mullet-like:

Mullet day 1a Mullet day 1b

The jean jacket (with comb in the pocket) helped.

The best reaction was the friend at work who busted out in a full belly laugh when she saw me, more then once. Comments included, “You going to play hockey after work?” A coworker asked, “Did Beth get extensions?” Huh… No, clinical study. At book group I got, “It looks normal from the front.” Well, it is business in the front… I turned around to reveal the party in the back, everyone laughed, we toasted, and proceeded to party like only book group can.

Many people wanted to touch the extra-long hair.

But the lack of reaction is what surprised me the most. Really, the hair looked ridiculous, no blending from the shorter layers and freakishly long. No one who didn’t already know about the little hair/blog project asked about it.

Alas, I continued wearing the (clip-in) extensions meant to approximate a mullet. Just as Liz couldn’t undo her duo-chrome do (even in the face of portrait taking for work), I had to see the month through. Okay, okay, I took weekends off. And luckily it’s a short month for me as I must get the new do done before leaving town.

P.S. Comb of the month pic, a new shipment:

June combs

P.S.S. The post headline comes from the movie Wreck it Ralph: Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz asks John C. Reilly’s Wreck-It, “Why are your hands so freakishly big?

This is Beth. The reporting continues.

Overall people seemed to like the do I dubbed January Orange. Paraphrasing: you can pull it off, it’s a color you should go back to. Mostly from people who know me or see me fairly frequently. I didn’t get much of a reaction from strangers or individuals I don’t see much. The day after the doing of the do (when the color was most intense) the dentist asked politely if I’d changed my hair. A few days later a server mentioned I look different as he checked my ID (yep, got carded).

Far more interesting, though, is the small sample that indicates Liz and I were able to spread a tiny bit of joy. For example, we heard:

“Seeing you guys just makes me smile.”

“Happy hair.”

“You look like you’re ready to party, let’s go.”

And the best—sitting next to a colleague as she read a post for the first time. She laughed out loud. More than once.

We started this project as a distraction from seriousness and sadness in the world. There’s a lot of that going around right now. Any little smile, grin, bit of laughter is welcome.

P.S. The branded combs seemed to be a hit too.

Fun with combs3

P.S.S. In other comb-related news—While walking her dog, Liz came across an unfortunate squirrel in a mysterious position:

Squirrel with comb

We recreated the scene with our product:

Liz with combs1

(Brought to you by

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