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This is Beth. With reactions to the “mullet.” It didn’t come across as a mullet. I couldn’t tell if folks were more disappointed that I tried to do a mullet or that I failed.

The first pic I posted on facebook met with “pretty!” responses.

Mullet 1

May have confirmed the stereotype: long hair = pretty.

These pics were deemed slightly more mullet-like:

Mullet day 1a Mullet day 1b

The jean jacket (with comb in the pocket) helped.

The best reaction was the friend at work who busted out in a full belly laugh when she saw me, more then once. Comments included, “You going to play hockey after work?” A coworker asked, “Did Beth get extensions?” Huh… No, clinical study. At book group I got, “It looks normal from the front.” Well, it is business in the front… I turned around to reveal the party in the back, everyone laughed, we toasted, and proceeded to party like only book group can.

Many people wanted to touch the extra-long hair.

But the lack of reaction is what surprised me the most. Really, the hair looked ridiculous, no blending from the shorter layers and freakishly long. No one who didn’t already know about the little hair/blog project asked about it.

Alas, I continued wearing the (clip-in) extensions meant to approximate a mullet. Just as Liz couldn’t undo her duo-chrome do (even in the face of portrait taking for work), I had to see the month through. Okay, okay, I took weekends off. And luckily it’s a short month for me as I must get the new do done before leaving town.

P.S. Comb of the month pic, a new shipment:

June combs

P.S.S. The post headline comes from the movie Wreck it Ralph: Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz asks John C. Reilly’s Wreck-It, “Why are your hands so freakishly big?

This is Beth. Scary, sad things keep happening in the world. The ones closest to me are health related. It’s true a mullet isn’t much of a distraction, especially a bad mullet (interpret “bad” any way you’d like).

But 2013 marches on. The little hair/blog project endures, doing no harm really. And perhaps, just possibly, it succeeds in giving someone something else to think about for a minute or two or three. At least I hope it does.

So, I will share… Among the gems that arrived in my email inbox this month—

Classic mullet spotted at the outlet mall:

Classic Mullet

Avian mullet mimic:

Mullet bird


P.S. Sometimes, also, there’s good news – time to celebrate (and be thankful for) things way more significant than hair.

This is Beth. When we started the little hair/blog project I watched this documentary:

Good Hair

So full of amazing facts I can’t begin to describe it, I’ll only recommend it. And although far removed from my mullet month—it did prepare me a bit for the buying of hair. A crazy industry hair trafficking.

Yes, to achieve the faux mullet I used extensions. Mine came from China by way of Sally Beauty Supply on South Broadway.

I may have missed the mark on the mullet, but my hair did get incredibly long. Thanks to Liz for helping pick the right color and Monica for matching my hair so exactly—seen here with my sis:

Mullet w Sis crop

The hair (yes, it’s real) clips in.


People feel compelled to touch. It’s okay, go ahead. Thanks for the braid JJ!

Mullet Braid

When Beth told us about her and Liz’s blog project, I was inspired to participate.  Like Michelle, I have had short hair for a long time, so I decided to grow it out.  This REALLY doesn’t feel natural to me, but I’m trying to hang with it for as long as possible.

When I first came out, I thought I had to choose one of the five lesbian haircuts.  Unfortunately, it was the 80’s, so I chose a mullet:

Resa 1

Then in 1986, inspired by Aimee Mann, I added a tail:

Resa 2

Eventually I settled on lesbian haircut #3, the short pixie.  It was easy to wash, looked good with or without product, and most importantly said “I’M A LESBIAN!”  Especially when I was single and looking for women.  I’ve had a variation of this cut for the past 20 years.  In a recent attempt at looking like a younger dyke I tried the fauxhawk, dyke haircut #1 on this chart:  It didn’t work for me, so I went back to my usual cut which is closest to “The Modern Woman” on the chart.

Resa 3

Now it’s 2013 and my hair is growing fast.  I can’t remember the last time it was this long.  My partner likes it longer, and says it makes me look younger.  Of course, it’s possible she likes the fact that my hair isn’t screaming “I’m a lesbian” anymore.  As my hair grows, it’s wavier than I remember it being.  Here it was actually curly, but mostly because we were in humid Hawaii:

Resa 4

One of my co-workers, who is a lesbian, saw me in a meeting recently.  She said “Wow, your hair is long! And it’s… feathered.”  She did not sound like that was a good thing.  Knowing nothing about longer hair, I don’t know what I want it to look like, so I looked to the web for inspiration.  Unfortunately, this page was of no help because my hair is longer than all of these do’s:

So I just continue to let it grow and grow….

Resa 5

This is Beth. And it’s finally here… June.

1. The Do—Mullet.

Inspired by, sigh, a few classics:

Mullet Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet Andre-Agassi Mullet David Bowie Mullet Florence Henderson CLOONEY: 1980s HEADSHOT Mullet John Stamos Mullet Patrick Swayze Mullet Scarlett Johansson

And Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett (with mullet, not shag):

Mullet Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett

2. Music (what was playing at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: music plays all the time at Bang, I don’t get to pick do-appropriate songs. This week I didn’t even notice the music with all the hair going on.

3. Drink (what I sipped at the salon during the doing of the do)—Note: I do get to choose the do-appropriate drink. This time, PBR. Liz and Gretchen joined and I think at least one of the talented Bang hair doers had some. Cheers!


4. The Theory—You know what they say: business in the front, party in the back. From “To say that the mullet is a hairstyle barely even scratches the surface of the issue. The mullet is a way of life, it is a state of mind, it is every person who wears it.” From “It is the sign of the redneck.”

5. Reactions—Before I disappoint, I have to admit that my mullet is not that short at the top and sides. Monica did it under protest; with her artistry and the help of extensions, the front-to-back ratio is well proportioned. We’ll see if it reads as a mullet.

Mullet 2

P.S. Music links: Title song The Vandals I’ve Got an Ape Drape; and Billy Ray.

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