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We went to California this month, drove – through Utah and Nevada.  After a month or two of feeling OK, my hair suddenly became unbearable.  For 2 weeks.  I want to say it was the humidity but it was bone dry.  I ended up wearing a headband pretty much the whole time.


I’m back in dry Colorado.  My hair is fine. I think it’s telling me something.


My hair is still growing but there’s nothing much new, so this month I’m focusing on silly boys.  First, my nephew.  He didn’t know it was crazy color month, Liz!


As you know, Brad dropped out of the grow your hair for a year plan a few months ago.  He loved going to his new hairdresser, though.  He just didn’t like to plan ahead and make appointments. So last month he asked me to cut it again.  He likes it a bit longer now (thanks to this experiment). I wasn’t quite sure how that would work with my handy Wahl clippers. Previously I used attachment 4 or 5 and this time I tried 7 and 8.  People, it wasn’t pretty.  It just doesn’t work for longer hair.

So, this month, again he didn’t make an appointment and came begging at the Michelle One-Style Salon.  I said, “Fine, find me a video on how to do this with scissors.”  He came back with How to Cut Your Guy’s Hair which is pretty frickin’ awesome.  I love the way she says “cut your man’s hair.”

So out come the scissors and I’m ready to go.  Brad asks if I’m nervous.


What?  You should be nervous.

I’m not.

Well, you should be. I am.

I would think you would be glad I’m not nervous.

Did you watch the video again?

No.  I got it.

I would watch the video again.



This picture doesn’t do it justice. Great tips for a nice cut.  He was pleased. I was pleased.  And then…

He had to surprise me with this nasty little thing he found on the road in the park.  Silly boys.

Month six: a couple of silly girls growing their hair out with no real plan… See Resa’s post

mrj rb 2

Liz here, with the June do.

I wanted to go with a bolder color, but still keep some of the blonde, so for June we have the “half-and-half do.”


I also decided to go shorter, after discussing with Maggie (my hairdresser), and deciding that I would still have enough hair to finish out the year.

The prevailing consensus is that I look like “a more cheery version” of Cruella DeVil.

Cruella De Vil3

Beth’s June mullet is “business in the front; party in the back.” I like to think that my hairstyle is “2001 Pink on the right; 2013 Pink on the left.”

worst-pink-2001--large-msg-130705710171IMG_1969The 40th American Music Awards - Arrivals

I also like this cut because it looks like my”hair inspiration” for this project, Korean pop star G-Dragon. These are the looks he sported for the big “end of the year” tv concerts in 2012:


(He’s had many hairstyles–check out this image search, and let me know which ones should inspire my next do…)

Liz here catching up for May (a bit late).

I decided to keep the platinum blonde, and then play around with lots of temporary hair colors.

photo 2 (1)


If you haven’t tried “color bugs” or “hair chalks”, they are a ton of fun. (The cheaper ones do come off more on your clothes and hands, and tend to stay in your hair longer.) Despite color names like “midnight blue” and “crimson”, they always came out as pastel.

We were teaching a lot of classes for school groups at work this month, and I got lots of “I like your hair” compliments from the kids. Also, it was handy that the students could easily identify me. Instead of being one of the 5 ladies with short brown hair, I was the “pink and blue-haired” teacher.

Here’s a run down of the month:


050313 a

May 3- a few tentative lime green and pink stripes

050813 b

May 7- the attempt to do separate orange streaks just turned into crazy orange.

050913 a

May 9- trying some blue on the top and bottom


May 10- much more success with the streaks. There’s still some orange left in there.

051213 b

May 12- Purple for the Prince concert!

051613 c

May 16- I tired to saturate one side with blue, but this is a few days later and a bit hard to see.

051713 d

May 17- orange and green. I was compared to an Italian flag.

052013 b

May 20- purple on top with lime green tips.

052313 a

May 23- an attempt at multi-color streaks. I was told that someone who looked down at me from the balcony at work asked “what’s up with Liz’s hair?!”

053013 a

May 30-pink saturation. Actually, the color said “crimson.”


June 3- I forgot to take a photo, but this is an approximation of the purple to blonde to bright green. The green always looked terrible after a day.


I’m calling this a style.  I think this is what they call a bob. Well, maybe a layered bob.

I won’t actually style my hair which is why it’s kind of feathery.

Yes, after 5 months I’m pretty sure I have a style again.


Michelle here at month four, a third of the way through this year of growth.  This month comments ranged from “your hair got so long” to “I thought your hair would be a lot longer.”  So, let’s do a check-in.  Here is what I looked like in January.  Please note the beautiful weather…


Here’s what I look like now in snowy cold April.  That’s some pretty serious hair growth.


Brad is maintaining. He’s reluctant to go further but it’s unlikely he’ll return to the super short hair of 2012 and before.  Look at those lovely locks.


It’s still not all rosy.  I look kind of crazy in the morning.


And sometimes when others say it looks great, I do things like this: hide my hair under my scarf and say “I look like a babka.”  And my friends correct me, “No, a babushka.”

photo 2

Anyway, I’m having fun and I’m sticking it out. My hairstylist Lynette went back to bald:


Is this me in January 2014?

This is Michelle.

Month 3: Not as bad.  Really.

I mean – there were some days like this.  It’s true. 

But there were some days like this, too.  That’s a style, right?


This pic was taken in Chicago.  Kind of a funny story – now.  I was there one week without hair product…while growing my hair out.  When I unpacked, I turned my suitcase upside down at least twice looking for it.  Yes, it’s humid in Chicago.  I live in Denver, very dry.  And, I have straight, fine hair.  I was participating in an intensive one-week workshop with no time for shopping.  Luckily, I was staying in a very interesting, old school kinda place.  The kind of place that has old school kinda hair product in the public women’s rooms (and cuticle sticks and mouthwash – I’m still pondering this combo).


Every time I was alone in the restroom near the meeting room, I’d shoot this stuff all over my head. Wow, that stuff seems toxic.  It was pretty awful but I was desperate to keep my hair off my face and out of my eyes.  And it worked!

So, what’s the plan?  This was the early – mid-term plan but I don’t think I can pull it off. More bounce than my hair has.


Here’s where it is today. Pretty long for me. My hairdresser who is essentially bald and appreciated my pixie very much thinks I’m doing great. She says I’m strong. I’ll carry on.


My man, on the other hand – we’ll see.  He got a haircut early in the month and took a bunch off and he’s been talking about going for another cut every week since…he’s pretty cute but I don’t think he’ll have long hair come December.


Liz here

I am finally posting about my February do, on the last day of February. (It’s a short month!)

The plan for February was to add blonde highlights. The blue from January was very tenacious, so we ended up with blonde highlights and bright blue at the bottom.


The tiny elk that I received as a birthday gift got in on the act:


Over the month, the blue slowly started to fade out, and looked like this by the end of the February:


I’ve really enjoyed the blue, and will miss it in March, especially finding blue hairs in my brush and on my clothes.


And while this may be the most under-recorded of my hair looks on the blog, it will be the most long-lived hairstyle, since this month I had to renew both my driver’s license and my passport.


The best quote of February came from the guy at the DMV: “It says green eyes and brown hair… you still want to go with that?”

Michelle, with my monthly check-in. My hair is long. My hair is heavy.  It takes a long time to wash.  You laugh. It’s not funny.  The last time I saw the hairdresser was December 21 and I swear she only removed about 3 strands.  I go in on Tuesday for a trim and I’m looking forward to this like it’s a massage.  Those of you with short hair know you gotta get your hair cut about once a month. I used to stretch it to 5-6 weeks by getting one short (free) cleanup in between.

It’s been a month of hats and barrettes, a couple good hair days and a few very bad hair days. I’ve never worn a hat into a restaurant before (why is this OK for women but not men?).  Here’s us on a good day, truthfully about a month ago already.  We’re not that cute right now.

photo 2

Barrettes and hats:


What do I notice most?  Color.  Both of us are getting darker as we let it grow.  For Brad, that’s good. Look at that band of dark at the bottom. For me, not so much. It’s interesting, though.  Also, Brad’s hair is still kinda curly.  And we are saving money. Feel I should contribute to the hair funds of Beth and Liz.


Bonus pic:


OK, my hair has been getting darker awhile now…

(As the month ends, the reporting begins.)

This is Beth. Reflecting.

Jan nother

Starting the little hair/blog project—I’d already published 17 posts by the day of the first do. Who knew I’d feel the need to write so much? Blogging=interesting outlet. I also captured the pre-January do – here with Kara and Michelle:

Jan start emrj park

Funny, one sports similar start style, the other closer to what I might end up with at year end.

Do done and documented—Fabulous photographer Neal brought equipment to work to capture the January Orange:

beth 4 low res

Neal shot a couple other coworkers too, unfortunately Liz had the Eisenhower Tunnel as model that day. (Yes, Liz helped photo I-70 sites including the tunnel for an upcoming exhibit; they even stopped traffic.)

A less experienced photographer took my new Facebook pic:

Jan Red fb

At at Jane’s request, I tried going curly for a weekend. Not so great.

Jan curly

The January hair reminded me of some foods, for example:

red cheetos

Mid month color boost The orange seemed to be fading fast so I got myself over to Bang. They call it a gloss. Monica recommended “Curry” with a little bit of something else mixed in… The result was still in the fiery red zone, darker:

Jan mid month red

A nice change to get me through to the new February do (debuting within the first week of the month).

P.S. Thanks to Mana, Jack, and babes for snapshot taking. Special thanks to Neal for expert photo taking:

Neal 3

P.P.S. Special thanks also to January guest bloggers Michelle and Bill!

MRJ end Jan  Bill bar

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